Ulyanovsk Region to Present Exhibition in People's Republic of China

A joint exhibition of Lenin Memorial Centre and Mao Zedong Memorial Museum will open in the Hunan Province on 15 August.


Ulyanovsk museum will present 64 works of winners of the children’s drawings contest "Ulyanovsk – Rodina Vladimira Lenina" ("Ulyanovsk is Vladimir Lenin's Homeland"), as well as photographs of "Lenin's places" in the homeland of Vladimir Ulyanov.

“In photographs and children's drawings visitors of Mao Zedong Memorial Museum will be able to see places dear to the heart of each Ulyanovsk resident, ones connected with Vladimir Lenin, the outstanding politician and statesman. The house where he was born, the gymnasium, the unique social and political center - the Museum-Memorial of V.I. Lenin. Cooperation between our museums supports harmonization of inter-ethnic and international relations, formation of the peace ideology, unity of peoples, and development of relations between our countries in the sphere of culture,” - said Lydia Larina, Director of Lenin Memorial Centre.

In 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Museum-Memorial of V.I. Lenin and Mao Zedong Memorial Museum. The first joint project was an exhibition "Mao Zedong was born in China" in October 2018. More than 60 thousand residents and guests of Ulyanovsk were able to visit the unique exposition.

“Opening of the children's drawings exhibition "Ulyanovsk – Rodina Vladimira Lenina" in the Hunan Province is an important and significant event for the cultural and social life of our countries. The exhibition exchange project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and became part of the national project "Culture,” - said Evgenia Sidorova, Minister of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk region.