Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant Works on Development Programme for the Next Ten Years

Governor Sergey Morozov and Adil Shirinov, Director General of the plant, discussed promising spheres and remodeling of the enterprise on 13 August.


“We cannot ignore fate of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. This is one of enterprises that made our region famous for many years. The plant management should take all steps to normalize the situation and to help the enterprise achieve annual increase of output indicators. All decisions should be made together with staff members without violating their rights. We must do everything possible to keep and multiply the plant's achievements,” - the head of the region noted.

OOO "UAZ" brings new products to the market to support the demand. In 2019, it is planned to make about three thousand UAZ-PATRIOT vehicles with automatic transmission and to ship to the dealer network. In 2020, the enterprise will manufacture UAZ-PROFI with load carrying capacity and double-tire wheel. In addition, OOO "UAZ" is working together with the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (NAMI) to create and introduce a promising platform PATRIOT-2020. Investment into the project will make about 7 billion rubles.

Thanks to the new products, the plant will begin to restore car production and sales rates. This year the enterprise is planning to manufacture 45.6 thousand cars, including more than four thousand cars for export; in 2020 - 46.8 thousand cars, more than five thousand of which will be used for export. By the end of 2018, UAZ tax contributions to the consolidated budget of the Ulyanovsk region made 515.6 million rubles. It is planned that this sum will increase to 570.5 million rubles by the end of 2019.

“Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant's key priorities today are the following: first, to maintain and increase the market share of the UAZ brand; second, to keep financial stability of the enterprise through optimization of the spending pattern and development of the production range in accordance with the market's requirements. The enterprise's strategy will improve efficiency of sales and increase its production volume, as well as implement promising industrial projects in close cooperation with government of the region. This includes potential of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant as an industrial technopark,” - said Adil Shirinov, Director General of the enterprise.

Serious efforts are made together with government of the Ulyanovsk region to create an industrial technopark at UAZ grounds. Another project is implemented to upgrade the road network of the future industrial park, which will create an attractive environment for potential residents in the future, as well as create new jobs at resident enterprises and attract special-purpose federal funds for development of the cluster.