Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant to Present Its Programme for Enterprise Development

This decision was made on 7 August by members of the region's Tripartite Commission for Regulation of Social and Labor Relations chaired by Governor Sergey Morozov.


"We will pay particular attention to the situation at Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. I am glad that the regional trade union is actively participating in the process. No optimization activities on the part of the enterprise owners should harm the well-being of Ulyanovsk citizens. We are against the upcoming layoffs, we must not leave workers to fend for themselves. In this situation, the most important thing is to take care of people. First, we will carefully study the enterprise development programme. Second, it is necessary to develop measures to stimulate the plant. We are ready to consider different approaches and measures to support production. However, all changes at the enterprise should not cause any problems for people who work there. The Palace of Culture "UAZ" in Zasviyazhskiy District is currrently repaired through means of the regional budget; reconstruction of the UAZ health care center will begin soon. We are interested in development of both the enterprise and the urban infrastructure," - the head of the region stressed.

Currently, OOO "UAZ" employs about 8900 people. According to experts of the enterprise, the plant announced a voluntary redundancy programme for employees working in the office, support, and service departments starting from July 25. The issue was discussed in detail at the special commission, which was attended by deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk Region, representatives of OOO "UAZ", and members of the Government and trade union associations.

“Today, Government of the Ulyanovsk region has to urgently develop measures for social adaptation and protection of UAZ employees who will lose their jobs in the near future. Management of the enterprise has completely ignored the legal norms and principles of social partnership; it has not developed a programme for enterprise development that would increase efficiency and keep the most qualified personnel. We spend millions of budget funds to support the enterprise while UAZ management continues to receive salaries worth hundreds of thousands of rubles and fire employees. In the nearest future, I will propose to discuss this issue during the meeting of the Legislative Assembly,”- said Vasiliy Gvozdev, First Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk Region.

According to Anatoly Vasilyev, Chairman of the Regional Union "Federation of Trade Unions of the Ulyanovsk region", in case of mass dismissal (more than 10% of the total number of employees), the enterprise must have an order, a document that should specify categories of people who will be subject to the procedure. It is necessary to observe all legal mechanisms that protect rights of employees and provide a three-months-prior notification in case of mass dismissal. “Apart from the information letter, there is no regulatory document at the moment. The official application to the employment service mentioned only 50 members of the personnel. If the trade union wants to participate in this process, a regulatory document is a must - either a notification to the employment service or a notification for the employee based on the order, which is not available today,” - he added.

The Ministry of Industry and Transport is working with Ulyanovsk enterprises to find vacancies in accordance with the list of available jobs at the plant.

"Today OOO "Avtodom," AO "CTC Metallokonstruktsiya", and OOO "Avtosvet" are ready to hire new employees; Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant, Ulyanovsk Motor Plant, and OOO "Simaz" also need new workers. The increasing production rates require more staff. That is why it is necessary to retrain employees who will lose their jobs at the Automobile Plant. In addition, starting from 12 August, the enterprise will hold tripartite partnership fairs, which will be attended by the plant's bureau of personnel, the employment office, and potential enterprises that are looking for workers today," - said Dmitry Vavilin, Minister of Industry and Transport of the Ulyanovsk Region.

Machine-building enterprises of the region regularly recruit personnel, but the need for new workers remains. For example, over the last six months the number of employees at OOO "UAZ-Avtokomponent" has increased by 13%; by 10% at OOO "Nomatex"; by 5% at AO "CTC Metallokonstruktsiya" and OOO "Avtosvet "; by 8% at the plant "Iskra "; and by 74% at OOO "Simaz".