Modernization Continues at Largest Vegetable Farms of Ulyanovsk Region

AO "Teplichnoe" is introducing energy-saving technologies, applying an advanced microclimate system, and installing special equipment. First results of modernization were reported to Governor Sergei Morozov during his visit to the enterprise on 6 August.


According to the head of the region, AO "Teplichnoe" can share its experience and strategy for implementation of the new project. “We are going to create a regional vegetable agricultural consumer cooperative "Teplica". First of all, this will help to create new jobs in municipalities. According to preliminary project developments of the Ministry of Agriculture, a wide range of participants including the existing cooperatives, agriculturists, and processing enterprises will be involved in the new consumer cooperative society. In addition, we propose to create mini-greenhouses in municipalities that will grow quality products with the support of farms with specific technologies,” - Sergey Morozov explained.

According to Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of the Ulyanovsk Region, it is planned that the new cooperative will be created in Troitskiy Sungur, a village in the Novospass District. “Farmers from southern regions - Kolovatovsky, Nikolayevsky, Radishchevsky, Pavlovsky, and Starokulatkinsky - will bring their greenhouse products there. Then vegetables will be shipped either to trading networks or to OOO "Astradamovsky Food Processing Plant" and OOO "Nagatkinsky Processing Plant" for further processing. Currently, 33 greenhouses are required to produce 1,320 tons of goods. More than 100 jobs will be created. In turn, AO "Teplichnoe" will provide consulting assistance and help with implementation of the project if necessary,”- Mikhail Semyonkin said.

Ekaterina Zhilina, Director General of AO "Teplichnoe", said that the enterprise has several stages of development in accordance with the programme adopted in 2018. "We can be proud that we have already completed the main stages. You can tell by looking at our indicators - in the first half of 2019 AO "Teplichnoe" received 1600 tons of products more than in the previous year. That is why the stage-by-stage modernization continues and will take place throughout 2019. We have six new varieties of roses, which are already popular among Ulyanovsk citizens, and they will be available in our stores in the next five years," - said Ekaterina Zhilina.

The total area of AO "Teplichnoe" is 104 hectares, almost 27 hectares of which are winter greenhouses (14.9 hectares of them have been reconstructed and equipped with modern systems of automated microclimate control). In the short term, it is planned to upgrade of 12 hectares of old greenhouses.

The enterprise produces cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, fresh herbs, strawberries, roses, honey, and canned vegetables.