Olga Vasileva, Minister of Education of Russian Federation, Praised Work of Ulyanovsk Interregional Competence Center

As part of the working visit on 25 August, the Federal Minister and Governor Sergey Morozov visited this educational establishment.


During the event, Olga Vasileva inspected training grounds of the Interregional Competence Center, sport and assembly halls, the media room, the hostel, and training rooms.

“This is a modern educational institution, a college of the future. It has created the right atmosphere, the educational environment where students like studying and can fall in love with their future profession, where they can be true professionals,” - noted Head of the federal Ministry of Education.

According to the head of the region, the professional education institution helps to implement tasks set by the President in the Young Professionals programme of the national project "Education". “One of the main tasks within this programme is modernization of the secondary vocational education. Of course, the flagship of our changes was Ulyanovsk Interregional Center of Competence in the Field of Transport and Logistics, which has no analogues in Russia. In the future, all colleges should become like this. By 2024, 50 colleges of the region will have modern laboratories and workshops, which will allow to hold the final exam in the form of a demonstration. Also in 2021, a center of advanced vocational training will be established at the multidisciplinary technical school in Ulyanovsk, where citizens will receive advanced professional training in the most demanded and future-orientated occupations according to WorldSkills standards,” - Sergey Morozov said.

The Interregional Competence Center was established in 2016 at the aviation college. ICC is a unique establishment in the sphere of transport and logistics services in the Russian Federation. It aims to address training of qualified personnel in TOP-50 in accordance with the world standards and advanced technologies, as well as to prepare the national team and regional teams for participation in national and international WorldSkills competitions.

According to Natalia Kitayeva, head of this educational institution, the ICC has training grounds with high-quality equipment that confirm to international WorldSkills standards, as well as a training center. “Our center is a major educational organization, the one and only of its kind. It is so unique because it trains qualified personnel in maintenance of various machines: automotive, agricultural, and aviation (including unmanned aerial vehicles). We have started active development of the partner network since establishment of this center. Now it includes 112 specialized institutions of secondary vocational education from 41 regions of the Russian Federation. This gives us an opportunity to carry out joint training, internships, design and analytical sessions and seminars. In addition, ICC actively joins various federal projects. For example, we hold classes with a special programme of vocational training and additional education for individuals of pre-retirement age according to international WorldSkills standards,” - Natalia Kitayeva explained.

ICC is also the main platform for training of national and regional teams, as well as ones from other subjects of the Russian Federation, so that they could participate in national and international competitions of professional skills "Young Professionals" (WorldSkills Russia), including the World Cup. According to Natalia Semenova, Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region, helps children choose their future jobs. It holds Open Days, sometimes together with AO "Aviastar SP." ICC has been visited by about 7,000 schoolchildren since its establishment.

“In addition to the three regional championships, the Center annually has qualifying rounds for the National Championship "Young Professionals". This year, 208 people from 76 regions of Russia took part in this event; eight people participated in the new competition for elderly people "Skills of the Wise." Following results of the VII National Championship, which took place last May, the Ulyanovsk region took the 17th place among 83 participants, having scored 13 points. It received eight medals: one gold, one silver, and six for professional skills. In addition, Pavel Yakovlev, a representative of the Ulyanovsk region, was included in the Russian national team for the WorldSkills Championship, which takes place in Kazan these days. He received training at the Interregional Competence Center,” - the regional Minister said.