Aviastar-SP Completes Third IL-76MD-90A within State Defense Order

During МАКS-2019, Governor Sergey Morozov discussed production development with Vasiliy Dontsov, Managing Director at Aviastar-SP.


Ulyanovsk enterprise is planning to manufacture and put into operation five aircraft by the end of the year. Sergey Morozov emphasized that President Vladimir Putin mentioned in his Address to the Federal Assembly the enormous domestic demand for industrial and high-tech products. The head of the region also expressed hope that the enterprise will start serial production of this aircraft thanks to the assembly line that will be launched at Aviastar in the nearest future.

“Two IL-76MD-90A aircraft have already been handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense this year. Today we have signed a form, and within the next week the aircraft will also be transferred to the military transport regiment, which is stationed at the airport "Ulyanovsk-Vostochny". We are planning to complete at least two more aircraft by the end of the year,” - Vasiliy Dontsov said.

The first aircraft was handed over to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at the international airport "Ulyanovsk-Vostochny" on 2 April. Vladimir Benediktov, Commander of the Military Transport Aviation of the Russian Air Force, said during the ceremony that the military transport aviation needs more than 100 units of this aircraft. “In fact, it is a new type of aircraft; its specifications meet all requirements of the modern aviation. The parameters, which were initially described during creation of this aircraft, have been confirmed and applied. A great deal of work lies ahead of all people who are manufacturing and will manufacture Il-76MD-90A. Il-76 product line is the critical element for aviation development in the Russian Federation,” - the head mentioned.

Russian aircraft Il-78M-90A was presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky. It is the first aerial refueling tanker made in the post-Soviet period.