Laboratory and Production Facility for Polymer Composite Materials to Be Built in Ulyanovsk Region

Governor SergeyMorozov and Evgeny Kablov, Director General of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM), discussed construction of the new building during МАКS-2019.


“Investments in the new project will total almost one billion rubles. Dozens of high-productivity jobs will be created and the average salary will be more than 60 thousand rubles. The Institute will increase production volumes, which will also affect revenues to the budget of the Ulyanovsk region. We expect that tax payments will double thanks to implementation of the project,” - the head of the region noted.

The project involves production of polymer composite materials and coatings with the use of molten binders and cord-like woven reinforcing fillers for the aviation industry and others. The funding will total 983 million rubles. Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation supports the investment project.

“Today we have discussed steps for implementation of the project. With the support of the Ulyanovsk Region's Government and the Governor, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, we were able to receive funding for construction of the new production facility in these difficult conditions. Government of the Russian Federation has signed a resolution, which offers opportunities to create a new production, new jobs. Now we have 74 employees; when construction is completed, the number will increase to 110 workers. We are working with Ulyanovsk State Technical University to train specialists for our Ulyanovsk branch. Today VIAM is one of the modern scientific centers equipped with all the latest technology,”- said Evgeny Kablov.

Earlier, the project received approval of the Main Department of State Expertise of the Russian Federation (Glavgosexpertiza). The Government's resolution on financing allows to start project implementation.