Ulyanovsk Region Develops Support Measures to Provide Aircraft Factory with Additional Personnel

On 3 September, Governor Sergey Morozov and Yuri Grudinin, Director General of PJSC «IL», discussed prospects for development of Aviastar-SP.


“The enterprise has significantly increased its volume of shipped goods over eight months compared to the same period of last year - by almost five times. The plant is actively working in the investment sphere for production development. Speaking about tax contributions, they have increased by almost 100 million rubles compared to last year. This is a significant contribution. Today we have discussed how to stimulate development of the aviation industry and to increase investment attractiveness of the enterprise, as well as support measures by the regional Government and what needs to be done to improve the quality of training,” - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

The production programme of Aviastar-SP for 2020-2022 includes the state defense order and will require about 1.5 thousand new workers. The enterprise's output growth and the increase in industrial personnel will improve tax revenues to the regional budget.

At present, the aviation plant is implementing a large-scale programme for technical re-equipment and production upgrade. In order to implement the programme, Aviastar-SP is planning to involve highly qualified personnel from other enterprises of the aviation industry.

“This year we are increasing ptoduction of Il-76MD-90A; three aircraft have already been handed over and two more will be shipped before the end of the year. There are now five aircraft under production, and a processing line has been launched. All stations are being checked. Two hundred and thirty-five additional high-tech jobs have already been created with the launch of processing line. At the same time, about 600-700 people are required for the current production. That is why today we have discussed recruitment, additional training, and the second specialty. Much more needs to be done to attract highly qualified personnel. It will allow to increase the number of employees and to complete the state defense order successfully,” - Yuri Grudinin said.