Output of Ulyanovsk Motor Plant Has Increased By 9% in First Seven Months of 2019

On 6 September, Governor Sergey Morozov visited the enterprise and congratulated staff on the 75th anniversary since its foundation. The event took place shortly before the Day of Industry of the Ulyanovsk Region.


“Ulyanovsk Motor Plant is an enterprise with a long history. Without doubt, its development played an important role in the fate of the region and its inhabitants.  Labor dynasties start here, and a whole neighborhood was created near the plant at some point. The enterprise has about 1200 employees. And our main task is to preserve every workplace, to ensure stability and support confidence in the future, so that this famous plant could continue developing its activities for decades to come,” - the head of the region emphasized.

Today the company has production capacities to complete a full production cycle for automobile engines. This industrial site has the largest metallurgical complex in the region in terms of aluminium alloy casting and mechanical processing, as well as galvanothermal, press and assembly production. The processes involve about 3.5 thousand pieces of various equipment, including one for metal cutting, press forging, casting, and material-handling. About 1700 items are required for production of automobile engines.

The machining workshop makes 230 types of          component assemblies and details for automobile engines. These include engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, cast camshafts, connecting rods, bellmouths, pipes, heat regulators, water and lubrication pumps.

“Currently, more than half of GAZ automobiles are manufactured with motors made by the Ulyanovsk plant. Using modern technologies, our generation develops new products and introduces them into production. Now we are developing a three-liter engine that will be used in heavy-duty GAZ cars. We have already established about 50% of production. In order to make our facilities more attractive, we are creating new jobs that require IT skills. The company constantly upgrades its production; it also has many equipment supply contracts,”- said Evgeny Mironov, Managing Director at Ulyanovsk Motor Plant.

Production modernization includes modern equipment supplied by DMG MORI Ulyanovsk machine-tool plant.

According to results of 2018, the Motor Plant manufactured about 45 thousand car engines, which is by 19% more than in 2017; the volume of shipped goods produced by the enterprise increased by 22%.

Sergey Morozov also visited Labor Glory Museum of the enterprise. It was opened for the 40th anniversary of the plant on 6 September 1984. Today, the museum has 4,700 exhibits. Among the most valuable items is a unique automobile engine UMZ-451 - the first one assembled on the conveyor belt of the Ulyanovsk Motor Plant half a century ago. The museum holds thematic excursions and implements such projects as "Ih detstvo prishlos na vojnu" and "Mesto vstrechi – muzej". Within the projects, lectures and meetings with veterans are organized in schools. Children give concerts in the museum; there are also special master classes.

As a reference:

Ulyanovsk Motor Plant (UMZ) is in the ‘Light commercial vehicles and passenger cars’ division of the leading Russian automobile complex ‘GAZ Group’. It is one of the leading Russian companies in the production of engines for different types for trucks, passenger vehicles and multipurpose vehicles for the brands ‘GAZ’ and ‘UAZ’