Sergey Morozov: "Wind Industry Is Becoming a New Specialization for Ulyanovsk Region"

The head of the region announced this information during his presentation at Husum Wind 2019, the largest international wind power industry trade fair.


The Ulyanovsk region's delegation has participated in the event for the first time.

A session “Russia, a new market for wind power industry: first success stories and future development” took place within the business programme. It was organized by the Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber, the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Technological Development, and the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry.

The head of the region explained how the wind industry and renewable energy sector are becoming an important part of the Ulyanovsk region's economy. “We can see that wind-power engineering is becoming a new specialization for our region. This new industry has a multiplier effect on the economy and stimulates development of industrial enterprises. This increases investment inflow, as well as accelerates development of high-tech industries and creation of new jobs. The wind industry is the fastest growing energy sector in the world; for us it is an opportunity to join process flows of world companies operating on global markets with a stable growth rate. We will continue creating conditions to move to deeper levels of technology transfer; we will also increase production, engineering, and scientific competence in the wind sector,” - Sergey Morozov said.

Now the team of the Ulyanovsk region is actively working on projects to localize production of components for wind turbines. The first and most significant project was production of Vestas blades. The Ulyanovsk region is also building a full-fledged cluster of wind-power engineering with a developed industrial part. Other projects focus on such spheres as education and science. “Vestas production of blades for wind generators is the first such enterprise in Russia. It has a unique technology to manufacture components for wind turbines with the use of composite materials. Our region got an opportunity to master competencies in the field of composite production that are new for Russia. And residents of the Ulyanovsk region now can get interesting and well-paid jobs,”- said Sergey Vasin, Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI), also took part in the exhibition. He presented an overview of the wind energy market in Russia.

Kimal Yousupov, Director General of Vestas Russia, talked about the programme for localization of a wind turbine production in Russia. Vestas, which is one of the major companies in wind energy sector, was the first to implement its localization programme. It started manufacturing composite blades in the Ulyanovsk region and towers in Taganrog; the company also organized assembly of gondola for wind generators in Nizhny Novgorod. In general, participants of the session stressed that Russian wind power industry has already been established within the current support programme until 2024. Now the Government is actively discussing the second stage of RES support programme, which will extend development of the renewable energy sector in Russia until 2035.

As part of its working trip, the Ulyanovsk region delegation held a number of meetings and negotiations with foreign companies and business associations working in wind industry. They included Danish Wind Export Association (DWEA), which signed a memorandum of cooperation with the region last September. Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov also discussed the possibility of working with the German Energy Agency (DENA). A decision was made that parties will collaborate to create a science and education center. A cooperation agreement will be signed at the annual DENA Conference, which will take place in Berlin in November.