Industrial Enterprises of Ulyanovsk Region Introduce Digital Technologies

Participants of the plenary meeting of the Council for Industrial Policy discussed a mechanism to establish digital production in the region. The event took place on 13 September and marked the beginning of the week of the national project "Labor Productivity and Employment Support".


“Our enterprises continue to achieve good results. According to the results of the first eight months of 2019, we can see rapid growth rates in the index of industrial production, as well as tax contributions. Another important outcome is that we were able to create 20 thousand new jobs. However, we should not forgot that the industry's potential is increasing, and enterprises need new highly qualified personnel. For example, AO "Aviastar-SP" alone requires about two thousand workers. We are proud of our industrialists and last year we were one of the few regions that has officially registered a holiday called The Day of Industry. It is no coincidence that that the upcoming week in the Ulyanovsk region will focus on implementation of the national project. Increasing labor productivity is one of the most important state goals,” - Governor Sergey Morozov emphasized.

The main task set by the Russian President within implementation of the national project is to achieve at least 5% increase in labor productivity per year at medium-sized and large enterprises of the main non-oil sectors by 2024.

“It goes without saying that we aim to solve tasks set by President Vladimir Putin to ensure systematic growth of labor productivity at domestic enterprises. Among other things, the project will help to implement a system of lean manufacturing. It does not ask us to work more, but to do it more rationally by finding flaws and addressing them. This is a direct measure to improve our economy and to replace imported goods. Most regional manufacturers understand this and even implement their own productivity programmes. Within the week of the national project, we will visit several such enterprises, study their experience in introducing lean production, and discuss the most important parts of the region's participation in the project, as well as experience of other subjects of the Russian Federation,” - said Andrey Turin, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region.

Currently, AO "Aviastar-SP" is implementing a programme that includes employee development, technological upgrade of production capacities, and production of new aviation equipment. In the near future, it will increase productivity at the core facilities and automated workplaces of design engineers and technologists. The aircraft factory has had an industrial internet of things system "Dispetcher" made by OOO "Cifra" for over a year. Specialists monitor about 150 machines and provide real-time information about the manufacturing process. Thanks to the project, just this facility was able to improve efficiency of equipment by 36%.

During a meeting of the Council for Industrial Policy, Government of the Ulyanovsk Region and OOO "Cifra" signed an agreement to increase labor productivity, as well as to develop and introduce new production technologies (including lean production) at enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region.

“We will work together with the region in three key areas. Organization of thematic seminars and conferences to discuss digitalization of the enterprise's business activities. It is expected that resources will be invested in development of local high-tech small- and medium-sized businesses. This will ensure that digital technologies are introduced and supported at the local level, which also means new jobs and competencies. In addition, OOO "Cifra" is interested in developing human resources of the Ulyanovsk region in the field of production digitalization. Implementation of new projects requires specialists. We expect that with the assistance of the Government, leading Ulyanovsk universities will integrate educational products developed by us into their academic activities,”- said Aleksandr Smolensky, Director of Business Development at OOO "Cifra".

Training of personnel for industrial enterprises of the region is carried out in various ways in universities of the Ulyanovsk region. Mr. Martin Hinul, Director of the Research Center at the Catholic University of Löven, praised development of labor productivity and the quality of training.

“This is not my first time in Ulyanovsk and Russia. I would like to mention that improving the quality and productivity of labor in the Ulyanovsk region, as well as training of future specialists in advanced technologies will contribute to success. I can already see a lot of progress!” - said Mr. Martin Hinul.

During the meeting of the Council, representatives of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation told Ulyanovsk companies about the support provided to industrial enterprises by regional development institutions. It includes tax privileges, support of investment projects, and promotion of export.