New Poultry-Breeding Facility to Appear in Ulyanovsk Region

Presentation of the investment project took place during the Governor's Investment Council.


“It is planned that the enterprise's capacity will make 70 million incubation eggs. Investments will total about 7 billion rubles. For our part, we will provide investors with all-round support, which will also include training,” - Sergey Morozov said.

According to Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of the Ulyanovsk Region, the new agricultural enterprise will soon appear in the Terengulsky District. “OOO "Ulyanovsky PlemPtitsereProduktor" initiated the project. It is planned that a number of important tasks will be solved after implementation of this investment project; in particular, the region will be less dependent on it import of hatchery eggs, the average income will increase in rural areas, social and economic situation of the budget will be improved, additional jobs will be created, and social tension will be reduced in rural areas. OOO "Ulyanovsky PlemPtitsereProduktor" will be represented by five poultry farms; two of them will be used for breeding of young chicks, and three - for their parents. We will provide investors with all-round support,” - Mikhail Semyonkin said.

According to Yulia Kravets, Executive Director of OOO "Ulyanovsky PlemPtitsereProduktor", the new poultry farm will be a socially oriented enterprise. “Two hundred and eighty jobs will be created in the Terengulsky District, and there is a good reason why it was selected. This area already has completed sites, as well as favorable logistics and suitable climate. Specialists working at the enterprise will be provided with housing and good working conditions,”- explained Yulia Kravets.

According to the relevant department, other poultry-breeding farms also continue construction and modernization of their production facilities. For example, OOO "Personal" is planning to build a workshop for egg harvesting in the Veshkaimsky District in 2019, as well as to purchase a machine for egg processing. OOO "EkoFermaRus" will build two new poultry-breeding facilities for 100 thousand birds in the Novomalyklinsky District in 2019. As of July 2019, the company has completed construction of a chicken slaughterhouse, as well as workshops and storage warehouses for poultry breeding and feeding.