Ulyanovsk Region to Present Seven Projects at IV All-Russian Competition of Best Practices and Initiatives for Social and Economic Development of Russian Regions

Results of the competitions' regional stage have been summed up.


ANO "Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects" is the organizer of the contest. In 2019, its project "Magazin vernyh resheny" was transformed into "Smarteka," where the best social and economic practices are incorporated into off-the-shelf "box solutions". They are offered to regions of the Russian Federation as valuable guidelines for implementation of national projects.

“I am sure that introduction of the most successful practices in our region will have a positive effect on development of our economy and the social sphere. We are always ready to use best practices presented at the competition,” - Governor Sergey Morozov said.

The Center for Strategic Studies of the Ulyanovsk Region will host the competition in the region. Representatives of executive authorities, municipal government, state or municipal institutions, business associations, and development institutions were able to participate in the qualifying round.

The regional competition committee selected seven winners from 30 applications. A project "Modernization of the heating system in the municipal entity “Inzensky District” (Ulyanovsk Region) with the use of municipal private partnership mechanisms" won in the nomination "Construction, housing and utilities". Ulyanovsk Youth Theatre was recognized as the best in the nomination "Tourism and culture"; "Production of oatmeal cereals and flakes "Gerkules" in the Ulyanovsk region" won in the nomination "Business support and export development". A project "Center for active longevity" received the highest rating in the nomination "Social well-being"; "Green Saturday" was successful in the nomination "Ecology and environmentally-friendly behavior"; "Introduction of an educational programme to help children of older pre-school-age develop basic financial skills" won in the nomination "Science and education". A project "Establishing a public creative space in the Monocity of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Region" came first in the nomination "Urban development and infrastructure".

“Currently each region is focused on implementation of national projects. This competition helps to identify the best solutions that have already proved their effectiveness in a particular subject. All presented developments, including  ones from the Ulyanovsk region, will be sent to the database and will be available for any region of the Russian Federation,” - commented Svetlana Markelova, a member of the regional commission, Head of the Center for Advanced Initiatives, Technologies, and Projects.

The next stage will involve the All-Russian vote, which starts on 1 October. The results will be summed up at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, where the awarding ceremony will take place.