Week of National Project "Ecology" Has Started in Ulyanovsk Region

By order of Governor Sergey Morozov, a major programme of thematic events has been under development since 21 October.


During the week it is planned to visit municipal entities, as well as to hold a meeting of the Environment Chamber of the Ulyanovsk Region and environmental campaigns. These will include introduction of separate waste collection, master classes in schools, meetings with volunteers, meetings of district ecological councils, and sessions with federal experts.

“It is very important for relevant ministries to hold this week to the best of their abilities so that they could demonstrate all our achievements. It is necessary to emphasize effectiveness of the system for municipal solid waste treatment; in particular, to address the issue of unauthorized landfills in the city, as well as to improve the quality of drinking water,” - the head of the region stressed.

The Ulyanovsk region participates in such projects as "Integrated system for municipal waste management", "Preservation of unique water objects", "Conservation of biological diversity", "Forests preservation", "Improvement of the Volga River", and "Clean water".  The region is also working to join the Clean Country Project.

“For us, national projects have created new opportunities including ones in the field of ecology. We have very active population in the region that always seeks to discuss important issues, especially those related to ecology and environmental protection. Decree of the President has set important tasks and ambitious goals, which should be achieved by both regional authorities and municipalities,” - said Dmitry Fyodorov, Minister of Nature and Circular Economy of Ulyanovsk Region.

Considerable efforts have been made to bring the region to the new system for municipal solid waste treatment. The necessary legal framework has been established, which includes a territorial scheme and a regional programme for municipal solid waste treatment, standards of municipal solid waste generation, a procedure for concluding agreements with the regional operator, etc.

In the nine months since the start of the reform, regional operators have installed 16309 containers, modern special-purpose machines have been purchased, and garbage treatment facilities have been put into operation. As a result, targets of the national project "Ecology" in the field of waste management have been exceeded in 2019. Today 48% of municipal solid waste is sorted at facilities of regional operators (the planned indicator was 20%). In addition, the region takes decisive actions against unauthorized landfills. Sixty-three landfills have already been removed since the beginning of the year.

Within the project "Preservation of unique water objects", cleaning of the Uren river bed in Ust-Urent village, Karsun District, has been completed. Thanks to these activities, 113 people have been protected from flooding.

Work is also under way to preserve conservation areas of regional importance. By the end of 2019, 141 special protected natural areas will be included in the State Cadastral Register. Each conservation area will receive relevant land plot lines and final coordinates, which will help to avoid conflicts among adjacent land plots.

The Ulyanovsk region receives forest fire-fighting equipment within the project "Forests preservation". For example, the Fire Safety Center has obtained five UAZ Farmer cars for forest patrolling, two Chevrolet Niva cars, three MTZ tractors, a KAMAZ fire tank truck, as well as forest fire-fighting equipment. In addition, specialized machines are purchased to improve the quality of forest restoration.

The project "Improvement of the Volga River" aims to reduce three times the volume of contaminated waste water discharged into the Volga River by 2024. At present, the federal project includes water treatment facilities on the left and right banks of Ulyanovsk, as well as sewage treatment facilities in Novoulyanovsk. Construction and installation are planned to start in 2020.

Within the project "Clean Water" it is planned to increase the share of the population provided with good-quality water from centralized water supply systems up to 97.6% by 2024.