Ulyanovsk Region Introduces New Tools to Support Investors

Governor Sergey Morozov made this announcement at the opening ceremony of the third Ulyanovsk Technology Symposium on 28 October.


The main areas for improvement of business conditions in the region include smart reduction of the income tax, a regional investment project (RIP), and special features of taxpayers’ legal status for participants of special investment contracts (SPIC 2.0).

“Ulyanovsk Machine Tool Plant created by DMG MORI is a way into the new digital future in various spheres. We intend to continue developing our current relations, aswell as to improve the business climate based on this cooperation; we also want to change the institutional environment in terms of legal rules and regulations to ensure that the region is one of the most successful places for doing business. In September, we introduced the country's first investment tax deduction. This measure will be available starting from 1 January 2020. Now we working on smart reduction of the income tax - we need to create conditions for an economy-wide investment tax benefit. We are also going to introduce in the region a support tool called the regional investment project. The draft bill is included in the plan for the next year. In addition, we will set the status of taxpayers for participants of special investment contracts as a separate category. All these new features will ensure stability of key investment aspects of regional legislation,” - the head of the region stressed.

Sergey Morozov also said that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia supported the symposium and next year this event will be held under its auspices.

“Another step has been taken to develop this platform, which is important for the whole industry. Here we can discuss topics and issues of common concern connected with not only the enterprise and the industry, but also industrial and investment development in general,” - the head of the region noted.

Ulyanovsk Machine Tool Plant is among facilities that independently introduce elements of lean manufacturing and successfully implement their own programmes to increase labor productivity within the national project "Labor Productivity and Employment Support". From 2015 to 2018, the plant made 1,067 machines. This facility demonstrates high performance levels every year. The production plan for 2019 includes production of up to 300 machines of all types. According to results of the first nine months, the output made 118% compared to the same period last year.

“The market offers more than one thousand machines made by the Ulyanovsk plant. We decided to double the amount of people in our team and to create a similar production in Ulyanovsk. We have all necessary means and solutions to implement this project quickly. I am pleased that our customers can receive both machines and full service. We are ready to ensure complete technological processes for all machines. We will continue to increase growth and development rates. DMG MORI manufactures machines and provides solution for automation of production,” - said Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board at DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT.

This year the symposium is held for the third time and will continue until 31 October. Participants will be able to see the latest developments in the field of digitalization and additive manufacturing, as well as advanced technologies for aerospace and automotive industries. It is also planned to demonstrate processing of metal workpieces on twelve high-tech machines. It will include presentation of five Russian-made machines with a new control panel and a multi-touch screen.

Currently, Ulyanovsk Machine Tool Plant is assembling CNC turning and milling machines, as well as vertical machining centers of the latest ECOLINE series. The facility will completely transfer to the new equipment starting from 2020.

“The main topic of our exhibition today is machines of the new series with upgraded design. We took the current line of ECOLINE products and redesigned it to comply with the modern production requirements. Our machines are reliable; we have added a new advanced model of operator; with a multi-touch screen work can be performed in a more efficient and convenient manner. Now there are unique cycles - technologies that allow operators to complete their duties faster, to monitor spindle vibrations and machine's condition, as well as to perform operations more efficiently. Our machines are more resistant to external effects. We updated their design, so now these machines fully conform to the general line of DMG MORI,”- said Mikhail Agafonov, Head of the Engineering and Design Department at DMG MORI Machine Tool Plant in Ulyanovsk.

Ulyanovsk Machine Tool Plant is the first specialized enterprise built in Russia since 1990. The plant is working on the most important state objective - import substitution of innovative products. As President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly noted, the country is developing a huge guaranteed demand for industrial and high-tech products including ones in the field of mechanical engineering and machine-tool building.