Olga Vasilieva, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation: "Ulyanovsk Region is One of the Best in Educational Campaign "Urok Cifry"

The awarding ceremony took place at the plenary session in Moscow held by ANO "Digital Economy". The Ulyanovsk region was among the best in the nomination "Support of the region" for its active implementation of the project.


Welcoming participants of the conference "Urok Cifry dlya uchitelej", Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev noted that such lessons help each student to learn about the basics of programming, principles of neural networks and algorithms, safe behavior on the Internet, and management of IT projects; and most importantly, to understand how important digital skills are.

“Urok Cifry is not just an educational project, it is an opportunity to learn from the leading technology companies: 1C, Yandex, Kaspersky Lab, and Mail.Ru Group, as well as the Academy of Artificial Intelligence of Sberbank's charity foundation. The new academic year will begin with the topic "Big Data" on 5 November, which was developed by Mail.ru Group,”- said Vadim Pavlov, Ulyanovsk Region Digital and Technology Development Advisor to Governor.

In 2019, lessons were held once a month from February to May. Each of them focuses on a certain topic and aims to develop digital knowledge and skills in the Personnel and Education sphere within the national programme "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation".

It is planned that children's technopark "Kvantorium" will present a lessons about Big Data, which were developed by Mail.ru Group. More than 500 students will take part in this event.

Teachers from the children's technopark "Kvantorium" will first read guidelines for the lesson, which have been available on the official website from 30 October.


As a reference:

Urok Cifry is implemented by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, ANO "Digital Economy", and the largest IT companies of Russia.

They take place four times a year and last for one week. Each of the lessons focuses to a certain topic and aims to develop digital knowledge and skills.