Governor Morozov Makes Suggestions to Improve Public Management

On October 29, Sergey Morozov, Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, addressed the plenary session of the all-Russian forum "Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: National Goals and Effects for Territories" in Saint-Petersburg.


In his address, Mr. Morozov noted: “Currently, our goal is to carry out the President's instructions to implement national projects which directly affect people's quality of life. For this, we need to ensure dynamic development of the economy and human potential; it is also important to concentrate our resources on 'smart specialization' of the region. In addition, we are creating a Region Management Center. It will allow for more timely reaction to people's requests and will also improve coordination between institutions. For example, a large number of ministries will be replaced by innovative project offices. The Region Management Center will help to improve the quality of monitoring during implementation of national projects. We have also started addressing digitalization of the state and municipal governance: the region is developing a new law that will allow a special category of civil servants to work remotely.”

At the plenary session "National Development Goals: Effects for Territories", Alexey Kudrin (Chairman of the Accounts Chamber), Mikhail Kotyukov (Minister of Science and Higher Education), and governors of the Novosibirsk and Ulyanovsk Regions and Saint-Petersburg discussed implementation of national projects in the regions.

At the plenary session, Alexey Kudrin, Chairman of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation, noted: “If I were to evaluate importance of factors for reaching the national goals, I would put the quality of public management and its improvement on the first place; this includes what Sergey Morozov, Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, said - management of the region. And I would put innovative environment on the second place.”

Ulyanovsk Region is planning to spend 8.9 billion rubles this year on implementation of national projects. Thanks to the them, a nursery school for 100 children was opened in the "New Life" housing complex in Ulyanovsk. Digital and humanitarian educational centers "Growth Points" were created in 29 schools of the region.

In addition, gyms were repaired in six schools in 2019. In 2020, creation of "Quantorium", a technology park for children, will start in Dimitrovgrad. Ten geriatrician offices have been opened. To help people with limited mobility, 17 special cars have been purchased for their transportation in rural areas. Until the end of the year, six rural health posts will be constructed in the remote area of the region., Thanks to the national project "Safe and High-Quality Roads", 110 kilometers of roads were repaired in 2019. It is twice as much as in 2018. New musical tools were bought for children’s art schools, including 30 pianos. Until the end of the year, full repair of two rural community centers will be finished. Reconstruction of the Ulyanovsk Puppet Theater’s building is underway.  

Professor Boris Zhikharevich, Doctor of Economics, director of the Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre, and the academic supervisor of the Forum, commented: “We have been holding the forum for strategic planning since 2002. It has a long history. For the first few years, it was a small workshop for strategic planning. Since 2008, the scale has grown alongside with the interest in the topic because regions started addressing strategic planning seriously. Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region took part in our events multiple times and his speeches always attracted a lot of interest because the region has something to tell and something to share.”