Ulyanovsk Plant "Iskra" Launched Serial Production of Large-Size Casings with Use of Diffusion Bonding Technology

On 31 October, the company was visited by Vladimir Gutenyov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and First Vice-President of the Engineering Union of Russia.


He inspected sections launched this year for manufacturing of casings with the use of diffusion bonding technology, electroplating and induction soldering. They are equipped with high-tech domestic equipment, as well as the latest warehouse with a modern storage system of the electronic component base for enterprises of Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey". All sites have created environment for comfortable and safe work of personnel.

“I can note that thanks to the active position of Yan Novikov, Head of Almaz-Antey Concern, and director of the plant Ruslan Tarasov, Iskra was able to do a lot of things within a short period of time: to improve the quality, to create the necessary infrastructure, and to improve working conditions for employees significantly. Now the most important thing is the stability of purchase orders. Ulyanovsk enterprise is an integral part of this concern, which leaves behind many other large corporations by creating reasonable stocks of components. When introducing new technologies, emphasis is placed on domestic equipment. For example, the diffusion furnace we saw exceeds European ones in many technological parameters; and costs less than the foreign analogues. This optimal combination of technological development and effective use of funds is a guarantee that Almaz-Antey and its enterprises will be leaders of not only military and technical cooperation, but also diversification of the defense industry complex, which is now implemented by order of the President,” - Vladimir Gutenev said.

Ulyanovsk plant has had this unique modern installation since 2019; it has the largest compression force (up to 200 tons) and allows to process parts up to 600x600x600mm in size at a high vacuum degree and temperature. This equipment is made specifically for Iskra and is the only one of its kind in Russia in terms of power characteristics. Development of the diffusion bonding technology allows the enterprise to come to markets of metal processing, machine and aircraft engineering, and the railway industry, where this unique technology can be applied.

“Diffusion bonding of large products is a new sphere, which gives the enterprise great opportunities for production of modern goods. With Concern's support, the plant has fully developed this technology and has already launched a series of new products - large-size body frames of transmit-receive modules with an internal liquid cooling channel of complex shape with a system of liquid flow turbolization used in the production of ultra-high frequency transmission equipment,”- said Ruslan Tarasov, Director General of the plant.

In order to ensure the production process, 23 additional jobs have been created at the diffusion bonding facility in Iskra. With support of the regional government and Governor Sergey Morozov, training has been carried out at the main departments since 2014. These include "Electronic Systems and Technologies" in the Ulyanovsk State Technical University and "Microelectronics" in the Ulyanovsk State University.