Ulyanovsk Region to Create Center for Development of Humanitarian, Digital and Engineering Education

It will be located at school No. 43. Governor Sergey Morozov presented the concept of this institution.


“We continue building new social facilities within the federal project "Modern School", repairing old buildings, and replacing window units in schools and kindergartens. President Vladimir Putin ordered to create modern training conditions of high quality, and we put this task under special control. We have a lot to do both in rural institutions and in the regional center. One of such important projects involves major repairs of the former school № 43 in Ulyanovsk where we will create a Digital and Engineering Education Center for our children,” - the head of the region said.

School No. 43 is designed to accommodate 600 children. It is planned to carry out repairs in two stages during 2020-2021. This will include installation of roof, windows and doors, and entrance lobby, as well as restoration of the heating system in the building. The total cost will make 24 million rubles. Currently, a plan for the placement of training rooms and other facilities has been prepared and approved.

In addition, work is under way to surround the building with fence and to provide security; all entrances to the school grounds have been closed for security purposes.

According to Natalia Semyonova, Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk Region, the renovated building of school No. 43 will become a part of the educational complex, which will also include gymnasium No. 34.

“We have developed a concept for development of the institution that involves creation of the Center for Development of Humanitarian, Digital and Engineering Education. Gymnasium No. 34 will continue working in the humanitarian sphere, and school No. 43 will still focus on the engineering and technical one. This structural unit will ensure network interactions with organizations of additional and vocational education, as well as industrial enterprises working in the field of natural and exact sciences. In order to establish the Centre, we will develop in-depth work programmes for all subjects. In addition, it is planned to introduce a special technology programme, which will include robotics and 3D modeling and prototyping,” - said Natalia Semyonova.