Construction of Weightlifting Training Center Continues in Terengulsky District

Governor Sergey Morozov inspected construction of the sports center during his working visit to the municipality on 6 November. The facility is being built within the project "Sport is the Standard of Living" of the national project "Demography", which is implemented in the country as required by the decree of President Vladimir Putin.


Currently, foundation laying has been completed on the site; backfilling of trenches and hollow parts of foundations with soil is under way, as well as delivery and installation of frames. Konstantin Aleksich, Director of OGKU "Ulyanovskoblstrojzakazchik", reported to the head of the region: "We have started to build basement part of the building made of brick and have mounted metal frames up to the second floor. Monolithic parts will be completed by mid-November. Floors are being prepared. In addition, the contractor has purchased sandwich panels; it is planned to cover the sports facility with them before the New Year."

By order of the Governor, Ulyanovsk region's draft budget for 2020 also includes funds for improvement of the territory near the Weightlifting Training Center. About 3.5 million rubles will be used for this purpose. The improvement project provides lighting and fencing of the territory, construction of traffic zones, parking grounds and sidewalks along the inner perimeter. There will also be a platform for implementation of GTO standards, a children's playground, vegetation, and outdoor amenities.

“This sport facility will become the regional center of weightlifting where not only athletes from the Terengulsky District, but also from the whole region will train. In the future, it is planned to invite athletes from all over Russia. Negotiations in this sphere are already under way. I would like to note that construction of the Sports and Recreation Center means not only development of the infrastructure in the countryside and the employment center, but also jobs for local residents,” - said Natalia Yakupova, a weightlifting coach.

According to specialists of the regional Ministry of Physical Education and Sports, commissioning of the facility is planned for the end of July 2020. The weightlifting training center will carry the name of Victor Sorokin, the founder of the weightlifting school in Soldatskaya Tashla. Famous weightlifters from Terengulsky District made the region famous across the whole country. They include the five-time Gennady Zykov (champion of Russia), Alexander Nasyrov (silver prize-winner of European Championships), Natalia Yakupova (master of sports, medalist of All-Russian competitions), and Candidates for Master of Sport Ekaterina Khohlova, Marat Yakupov, Sergey Prokudin and Evgeny Kashencev.