Automated Assembly Line at Aviastar-SP to Increase Speed of Il-76MD-90A Production

On 10 November, Governor Sergey Morozov visited the regional Autocross Championship in Arskoe village. He and management of OOO "UAZ" and PAO "IL" discussed prospects for development of Ulyanovsk automobile and aviation plants.


“Having personally studied evolution of the automobile plant's production, I can say that the automatic transmission vehicle is currently in great demand among the population. This car successfully completes routes of various complexity; in the near future we will see new improved models,” - the head of the region emphasized.

In 2019, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant manufactured the first car with automatic transmission and started sales. More than a thousand cars were sold in September.

“The Autocross in Arskoe is a significant event not only for the plant, but also for the region in general. It demonstrates achievements of the Ulyanovsk enterprise in both sports and development of product range. We predict that next year the output will be at the same level as in 2019; we will improve cooperation with the authorities and our corporate clients including the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation,” - said Alexey Spirin, Executive Director of OOO "UAZ".

The sports event was organized by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant and the regional branch of the Russian Motorsports Federation.

AO "Aviastar-SP" is successfully carrying out a large-scale programme of technical re-equipment and modernization. Since the aircraft factory needs highly qualified personnel, the facility has created two classrooms; higher and secondary education institutions participate in the training of specialists.

“At the moment, we are seeking to develop the plant's production programme. Next year, we will take enhanced commitments to make six aircraft; at the same time, our facilities will be able to manufacture up to 18 Il-76MD-90A a year. We have launched an automated assembly line for aircraft production. Due to expansion of the production programme, we seek to keep our highly qualified workers who are already working at the enterprise. We also consider option for personnel attraction, which can include people from other regions. We have various social programmes to encourage employees, such as support with mortgage commitments. We also have training programmes,”- said Yury Grudinin, Director General of PAO "IL".

Compared to the previously used technology, the automated assembly line at AO "Aviastar-SP" will reduce the  labour input by 38%. The line consists of ten robotic workstation for attachment of fuselage sections, wing and tail units, as well as stations for installation of power and aircraft systems. It is equipped with a laser tracking system, which provides high accuracy of attachment for all aircraft elements. This will allow the enterprise to start serial production of this aircraft in the short term.

According to Vasily Dontsov, Director General of AO "Aviastar-SP", it is planned to complete five Il-76MD-90A aircraft in 2019: three aircraft have already been handed over to the customer; the fourth one has been submitted for ground and production flight tests; and the fifth aircraft is currently in the final assembly workshop in its final stages.

He added: “Over the last six months we have employed about 250 people; next year it is necessary to recruit about a thousand more workers, and maintenance of the assembly line will require 235 specialists. We are actively training personnel. Together with the Government of Ulyanovsk region we are working on a programme to provide housing for guest workers. Starting next year, it is planned to introduce a number of measures to increase attractiveness of jobs at AO "Aviastar-SP".”