Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant Continues Implementation of Development Programme

Support measures of the enterprise were discussed at the staff meeting chaired by Governor Sergey Morozov on 11 November.


“We continue negotiations with the management of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. We have both the desire and necessary resources to create a large technopark in the territory of the enterprise. Significant financial resources are used for its development. We hope that new popular car models will be designed here. This will help to create new jobs, and the regional budget will receive additional tax revenues. In order for the Ulyanovsk region to become economically stronger and more attractive for residents of other federal subjects, we need to develop state migration policy and to create new forms of social partnership,” - the head of the region emphasized.

By order of the Governor, Government of the Ulyanovsk Region together with the management of OOO "UAZ" is implementing a comprehensive plan of actions for development of the automobile plant since August 2019. The document includes measures for development of UAZ industrial park and renovation of its social infrastructure such as reconstruction of UAZ community and health care centers. There is also an initiative to hold Autocross Championship of Russia at Arskie Holmy on a regular basis.

“Currently, the plant has completed optimization of its human resources management. The facility is also improving the social sphere. In 2019, UAZ used more than 140 million rubles to provide employees with social services and to improve its working conditions. This is by almost 10% more than the previous year. Today we are working to develop a production programme for 2020; we predict that it will be at the same level as in 2019. According to the business plan, next year the plant will continue production of the whole model range including UAZ-Patriot. The plant is not planning to transfer new models to the sites in other regions,”- said Adil Shirinov, Director General at OOO "UAZ".

The plan of actions also provides for training of highly qualified personnel and development of measures to stimulate demand for the plant's products.

“The region has successfully organized work when companies purchase local goods for their needs. A good example is implementation of the national project "Demography". Within it, we have purchased 14 school minibuses of UAZ-Profi line for children's social institutions. In addition, the regional budget provides money for renewal of agricultural producers' fleet vehicles. The amount of subsidies will increase in 2020,” - added Andrey Turin, First Deputy Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Region Government.