Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant to Start Recruitment in 2020

On 15 November, Governor Sergey Morozov inspected the plant at OOO "UAZ", as well as met its employees and trade union.


The head of the region mentioned, “UAZ is the oldest enterprise in the region. Together with the plant's management, we are now implementing a joint plan of measures for UAZ development; we also provide comprehensive support. It is reassuring to know that the union, which represents interests of all employees, has established a dialogue with the management. It is very important. At the same time, we are implementing a programme to develop social institutions. I decided to repair the building of UAZ community and health care centers, which will be equipped with the latest technology”.

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant sees the increase in output: over the first ten months of 2018, this indicator made 21.6 billion rubles; and 25 billion rubles during the same period in 2019. The enterprise manufactured 33.7 thousand units of equipment over this time. Tax contributions to the regional budget are also increasing; compared to last year, the increase made 46 million rubles.

By order of Governor Sergey Morozov, management of OOO "UAZ" and Government of the region implement a comprehensive action plan for development of the automobile plant. Within the regional project "Senior Generation" of the federal project "Demography", training is organized for employees approaching retirement age. Currently, the plant has completed optimization of the management team. Next year the plant intends to recruit about 200 people to reach the planned target. At the same time, the enterprise is working on the draft of a Collective Agreement for 2020-2022.

“Together with the plant's management, the trade union committee needs to go through instructions regarding working conditions and workplace safety, as well as basic social security and financing of corporate programmes. Today our main task is not only to keep all existing agreements, but also to improve social and legal support of personnel”, - said Viktor Bychkov, Chairman of the Trade Union of OOO "UAZ".

According to the results of 2019, the plant is planning to strengthen its position in the market and to prepare the launch of new modifications.

“UAZ carries out substantive work with the dealer network, corporate clients, and heads of regions to expand commercial markets and to increase sales. The company is going to recruit blue-collar workers and launch new products in 2020 while keeping social guarantees for our employees,” - added Adil Shirinov, Director General of OOO "UAZ".

Sales of UAZ-Patriot with PUNCH Powerglide six-speed automatic gearbox started in Russia on 1 October 2019. During the exhibition in Kazan, the vehicle was demonstrated to the Igor Komarov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District. This year it is planned to make about three thousand UAZ-Patriot cars with automatic gearbox.

The latest developments of the automobile plant include a new turbocharged petrol engine, which is currently undergoing firing trial, a local engine, and special versions based on UAZ Profi.