Modern Surgical Facility with Diagnostic Unit Opened in Ulyanovsk Region

During a working trip to Dimitrovgrad on 17 November, Governor Sergey Morozov visited a surgical facility of the Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine of the Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia.


This medical institution started its work on 13 November. Currently, it provides treatment to 80 patients.

The head of the region noted, “I would like to thank the management and staff of FMBA of Russia and personally Vladimir Viktorovich Uyba and Lyubov Ivanovna Shulepova for being able to achieve this goal and open a new surgical facility with modern equipment, which will significantly improve medical care in this sphere. The latest equipment installed here is available in many leading European hospitals. The week of the national project "Health Care" has started in the region. During it, we will discuss improvement of the medical care for residents of the region, including health care development in Dimitrovgrad.”

The surgical facility has a reception ward on the ground floor. There are four patient examination rooms, a shock room, an emergency laboratory, a medical checkpoint, an isolation unit, a fiberoptic gastroduodenoscopy office for emergency cases, a trauma surgery room, ultrasonic and functional diagnostics departments, a mobile X-ray machine, and a room where patients can meet with relatives.

On the second floor there are intensive care and oncology units. The emergency ward with two surgical dressing rooms is located on the third floor of the building. The fourth floor has a gynecological department with two small operating rooms. One can find the surgery on the fifth and sixth floors. On the seventh floor there is an operating theatre, which includes six rooms: three common and three emergency ones, all six with the latest medical equipment. There are modern laparoscopic stands, as well as an arthroscopic one.

According to Lyubov Shulepova, Acting Director General of the Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine of FMBA of Russia in Dimitrovgrad, staff of the surgical facility is to provide high-tech medical care in the future. Currently, specialists of this medical institution are training in the leading clinics of Moscow to learn how to work with the new equipment.