Ulyanovsk Region to Continue Digital Upgrade of Its Cultural Establishment in 2020

Deputies of the regional Legislative Assembly approved the draft budget on 20 November.


“In 2020, more than 1.6 billion rubles will be used for development of culture in the Ulyanovsk region. Particular attention will be traditionally paid to improvement of infrastructure in regional institutions; 142 million rubles will be allocated for this purpose. Eight institutions will be repaired within the federal project "Local Palace of Culture". In 2020, we are going to start construction of palaces of culture in the villages of Krasny Yar (Cherdaklinsky District) and Nikolskoe-na-Cheremshane (Melekesky District) worth about 52 million rubles. This measure will be carried out under Cultural Environment of the national project "Culture" approved by Vladimir Putin,” - said Evgeniya Sidorova, Minister of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk Region.

Funds will be allocated within the Cultural Environment project to purchase musical instruments, equipment, and materials for children's music and art schools. Also for 2020-2022 It is also planned to fund establishment of model libraries in the districts of the Ulyanovsk region.

The regional budget for 2020 will include more than 5 million rubles were allocated for implementation of the Digital Culture project. It is planned that the funds will be used to purchase a special scanner with the hardware and software suite "KAISA-Archive" for the State Archive of Contemporary History, as well as licensed software for text recognition of digitized books, newspapers, and magazines for the Ulyanovsk Regional Research Library named after V.I. Lenin. Undorovsky Palaeontological Museum will receive a multimedia guide for expositions and exhibition projects. This software uses augmented reality technology.

“The budget for 2020 is one of the best financial documents in recent years that guarantees preservation of the latest period of our region's history. More than a million rubles have been allocated to the Ulyanovsk Region State Archive of Contemporary History to purchase unique equipment, which can create digital copies of archival records. This will double the volume of digitization of the Archive Fund of the Russian Federation contained is in our storage,”- said Andrey Paskin, Director of the Ulyanovsk Region State Archive of Contemporary History.

In 2020, resourcing for the Creative People project will amount to more than 15 million rubles, which will be used for exhibitions of the leading federal and regional museums, competitive admissions for talented youth in the field of musical art, participation of the Ulyanovsk delegation in the Youth Delphic Games of Russia, and implementation of the project "Volontery kultury". 4.2 million rubles will be used for support of theatre projects and organization of a grant competition among amateur and artistic groups to create projects connected with Russian civil identity.

In addition, the budget of the Culture project includes measures that can increase the accessibility of cultural institutions for people with disabilities, provide young specialists with social support, develop publishing activities, purchase technical equipment, implement creative projects in theatres, and install Internet connection in municipal libraries.