Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant Introduces Digital Technologies in Production

To improve the quality of products, OOO "UAZ" has launched a mobile application "On flow-UAZ" in test mode in November. It is connected to the production control system.


The application makes it possible to receive notifications about the status of production systems online, to chat about production issues, and to receive reports on the status of assembly and delivery of cars, problematic issues and implementation of the plan.

The new tool was presented to Governor Sergey Morozov on 22 November.

The application is currently running as a pilot project to recive feedback from managers who are involved in quick response manufacturing. Now it is available in three configurations and can be used both through the browser as a link or as an application on IOS and Android systems. In the near future, it is planned to introduce a new channel for the Quality Management Directorate with information about defect prevention.

“In addition to sending the reports required by management, the application helps you communicate online with people engaged in the production process. So in case of an unexpected situation or the need to solve operational issues, we can react quickly and everyone is notified in time. As a result, this application's focus of production communication will significantly speed up our response to changes in the production process and improve the quality of goods,”- said Artem Nikanshin, Chief Information Officer at OOO "UAZ".

The Ulyanovsk region is going to start pre-schedule implementation of the national project "Labor Productivity and Employment Support", which aims to increase production output of high-quality high-competitive products. Participation in the national project will allow regional enterprises to receive methodological and practical assistance to apply lean manufacturing. It is planned that the region will be able to start active implementation of the project in 2020.

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is one of the enterprises to introduce lean manufacturing elements and to implement its own programmes to improve labor productivity.

“The Lean Production project is implemented at the plant with the help of kaizen-groups. We pay particular attention to improvement of working conditions, on-the-job safety, and production of quality goods. As a result, we remove time delays and increase efficiency of processes,”- said Alexandr Redkin, Head of Production System Development at OOO "UAZ".