Press Conference of President Vladimir Putin Identifies Key Vectors of Regional Development for the Coming Year

The Governor instructed members of the Government to present in a short time a plan for implementation of the tasks set by the Head of State.


“Every year our leader has a direct and honest dialogue with thousands of journalists from all kinds of media, both Russian and foreign ones. In his replies, the Head of State clearly described the country's development strategy for the coming years, which is fully in line with demands of the population. These include improvement of living standards and the quality of health care, anti-corruption measures, and a lot more. It is very encouraging to see our President's position regarding Soviet soldiers who saved the world from the fascism. Vladimir Putin announced 2020 as the Year of Remembrance and Glory. The Ulyanovsk region, the same as all other regions of our great country, will do everything possible to preserve the true history of feats accomplished by our fathers, mothers and grandparents,” - Sergey Morozov said.

According to the Governor, the formats of one-to-one-communication with the population introduced by the President help to get information about current problem, as well as to solve the most pressing issues that people present to the authorities. The Ulyanovsk Region is carrying out a month of question-and-answer sessions and personal meetings with citizens called "Reshaem Vmeste". Its preliminary results show where and how it is necessary to adjust different measures, who needs urgent assistance, and how the Ulyanovsk Region should develop over the next several years.