Week of Housing and Urban Environment National Project Started in Ulyanovsk Region

A number of thematic events will be held in the regional center and municipalities from 17 to 20 December.


The Governor noted, “This week we will pay particular attention to the national project "Housing and Urban Environment". Today, housing in new neighborhoods should be not only affordable, modern, environmentally friendly and power efficient, but also have a well-developed infrastructure. It is necessary to provide parking and playgrounds, to improve the territory, to plant trees and shrubs. This year we have undertaken a commitment to construct over 1 million square meters of housing; we have not reached this goal yet. Over 11 months, about 860 thousand square meters have been put into operation. The Ulyanovsk Region takes the first place among the regions of the Volga Federal District in commissioning of housing per 1000 people, and we must maintain this position and continue our work until the end of the year. As for establishment of a comfortable urban environment, here we should talk not only about building surrounding grounds and public spaces, but also about the rural environment, about school and sport grounds, because comfortable environment should start as soon as you step out of your house or flat. I have stressed it repeatedly. We will meet up on the eve of the New Year to discuss in detail how we will create a modern living environment for residents of the region next year.”

On 17 December Andrey Turin, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region, together with representatives of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of the region will monitor progress in construction of a school for one thousand students in the district "Centralny", Ulyanovsk. Building of this educational institution has been under way since 2018, and the opening is planned for 2020. Specialists of the Department of Urban Environment of the Ministry of Energy, Housing, Utilities and Urban Environment of the region will examine park "Pribrezhny" in Zavolzhsky District, Ulyanovsk, to see if it is ready for the winter season. It has been updated step by step since 2017 within the Comfortable Urban Environment programme.

On 18 December, thematic events in two areas of the national project will be held in Inza. In the field of urban environment, a park named after Gorky will be opened. Its improvement was carried out in 2018-2019 using money from the federal grant (55 million rubles) allocated to the municipality as the winner of the All-Russian competition of towns and historical settlements. The project of Inzensky designers has been recognized as the best practice for improvement of public areas in towns.

According to the programme of visit to Inzensky District, it is also planned to inspect the apartment building constructed within implementation of the regional project "Sustainable Reduction of Uninhabitable Housing Facilities" in 2019-2020.

During a working trip to Baryshsky District on 19 December, the Governor will hand over the keys to new apartments to orphans and will take part in the opening ceremony of the Entuziastov Public Garden on Molchanov Street in Barysh. This public space was renovated in several stages under the Comfortable Urban Environment programme.

A visit to the construction site of the housing complex "Aquamarin" in Ulyanovsk is planned for 20 December.

Within the national project "Housing and Urban Environment", 93 people have been rehoused from 39 unfit buildings with the total space of 960 square meters worth 35 million rubles in the Ulyanovsk region over 11 months of 2019. This represents 147.6% of the regional target for the settled area (650 square meters) and 232.5% of the target for the current year as far as citizens are concerned. It is planned that another 48 residents of the region will receive new housing by the end of the year.

In total, owners of 11 emergency apartment buildings in five municipalities will be provided with new accommodation in 2019-2020 with the financial support of the federal agency in the region. As of today, 13 contracts worth 102.6 million rubles have been signed in four municipalities: Ulyanovsk, Inzensky, Sengileevsky, and Ulyanovsky Districts.

Over 11 months of this year, 861 thousand square meters were put into operation in the region, which made 79% of the plan for the year (1.85 million square meters) and 109% compared to the same period last year. These high indicators allowed the region to take the fifth place in the Volga Federal District on the growth rates of commissioning buildings in comparison with the previous year; it also became the leader in housing construction per one thousand people.

82 yards and 18 public spaces have been improved within the Comfortable Urban Environment programme. In 2020, it is planned to renovate 100 yards and 16 parks, squares and other public spaces with the maximum involvement of citizens in these processes.

The Housing and Urban Environment national project started in Russia at the initiative of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Its key objectives are to provide affordable housing for middle class families, which includes opportunities for them to purchase (build) housing using mortgage loans, to increase the volume of housing construction, to improve urban environment, to create a mechanism for direct involvement of citizens in development of a comfortable urban environment, and to ensure sustainable reduction of uninhabitable housing facilities.