Ulyanovsk Region Was Noted Among Regions of Volga Federal District for Active Development of Green Electricity

Energy security of the district was discussed at the meeting of the Council on 17 December. It was chaired by Igor Komarov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District. Governor Sergey Morozov took part in the event via videoconference.


The Plenipotentiary Representative noted that the district has a great and well-developed fuel and power potential. Currently, the Volga Federal District provides almost 22% of oil production in the country; it also carried out one third of oil refining activities, accounting for a 3% share in the overall national production.

The Volga Federal District is also among the leading users of green electricity. Seven solar and wind energy facilities in Ulyanovsk, Orenburg and Samara regions with the total capacity of 115 MW will have started generating electricity by the beginning of 2020.

Governor Sergey Morozov said, “Development of renewable energy is a priority for the Ulyanovsk Region. The region is the leader of wind-power engineering in Russia. We have built two wind farms with the total capacity of 85 MW; the share of energy generated by wind-power stations was about 8% of the total production. Vestas plant for manufacturing of blades for wind farms has been opened within the component localization programme. Now we are creating a competence center for the wind industry, which brings together all spheres: training of personnel, production of components and implementation of projects. Ulyanovsk State Technical University (ULSTU) and Ulnanotech have departments for training of specialists in this industry; educational programmes are implemented in partnership with the Higher School of Economics and Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School.”

The heat supply system was a separate topic of discussion. “Heat supply along with electricity are the most important industries for the population. Safety and health of people, especially during autumn and winter seasons, depends directly on their reliable performance. I encourage all services to do their best to ensure smooth performance of these systems,” - said Igor Komarov.

According to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Environment of the Ulyanovsk region, the energy industry functions normally. All scheduled work to prepare community, social and housing facilities has been completed. 44.9 km of heat supply networks were replaced; 1,542 km of power supply networks and 1,062 electrical substation were repaired and replaced. All municipalities have created financial reserves for emergencies. Emergency response training was provided for personnel of utility companies.

Energy security was also one of the key topics. Participants of the meeting discussed in detail whether the fuel-and-energy industry’s infrastructure and facilities are protected from illegal interference and activities.