Primary Vascular Center and Level II Trauma Center to Be Established in Dimitrovgrad

Vladimir Uyba, Head of FMBA of Russia, and Governor Sergey Morozov discussed quality improvement and access to health care in the city of atomic scientists of the Ulyanovsk region.


According to the head of the region, it is important to continue modernization of primary health care in Dimitrovgrad now. Other important issues involve attraction of personnel to the industry and creation of two new departments by 2021. This will improve the quality and availability of medical services for inhabitants of the region.

Sergey Morozov stressed, “The agreements reached during the meeting with the management of FMBA of Russia today are extremely important for us. I am talking about medical care for residents not only from Dimitrovgrad, but also from nearby areas of the Ulyanovsk Region. Thus, Vladimir Uyba supported our initiative to open a new level II trauma center and a primary vascular department at the clinical hospital No. 172. We also agreed that employees of this establishment would receive the same benefits as medical personnel of the new Federal High-Tech Center for Medical Radiology. For example, provision of public housing and places for children in kindergartens and schools. This will allow us to increase the number of highly qualified specialists in this hospital. The surgical department will be important for improvement of the healthcare system in Dimitrovgrad. We were able to establish it together at the end of last year. In 2020, Dimitrovgrad will receive more financing for the healthcare sector.”

According to the Ministry of Health of the Ulyanovsk region, the project "Traffic Safety" is being implemented in the region to reduce mortality rates of traffic accidents. From 2010 to 2016, three level III trauma centers were opened at sections the federal road М-5 URAL at Nikolaevsky, Novospassky and Terengulsky Central District Hospitals. One level II center was established at the central city clinical hospital and one level I center - at the regional specialized clinical center in Ulyanovsk. Trauma centers are also available at children's and adult regional hospitals. Central district hospitals provide medical services with the help of emergency response teams in municipalities with no trauma centers.

According to experts, to reduce the mortality rate of traffic accidents and to carry out evacuation of victims with injuries at the federal road Р-178 "Ulyanovsk - Dimitrovgrad - Samara" and interregional roads "Samara - Kazan" and "Dimitrovgrad - Tolyatti", it is necessary to create a level II trauma center in Dimitrovgrad as there are no trauma centers at this federal route.

Participants of the meeting also discussed invitations for first-class focused specialists from various departments of FMBA of Russia to help residents of Dimitrovgrad and nearby districts of the region. Another topic of the meeting was work of the Federal Center for Medical Radiology. Starting next year, FCMR will become not only a therapeutic, but also a unique scientific base for the country. Dimitrovgrad will use all best practices for cancer treatment.

Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine of FMBA of Russia has been working since 2019 as part of a clinical trial. Unlike other medical institutions that use nuclear medicine technologies separately, it is a unique complex of closed cycle in Russia with all available methods of diagnostics and treatment used in nuclear medicine. The medical center in Dimitrovgrad is the largest in Europe among other specialized medical institutions. The FHTCNM of FMBA of Russia has more than 20 buildings. Among them is an advisory clinic, a PET center, a hospital, a radionuclide therapy facility, a radiological facility, a proton center, a rehabilitation facility, a specialized pharmacy, and service buildings. The FHTCNM of FMBA of Russia aims to provide high-tech medical care to the population of the Volga Federal District and other citizens of the Russian Federation in such spheres as oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, and neurosurgery. The unique feature of this facility is also that patients will be able to receive all necessary medical care, from diagnosis of diseases to rehabilitation. The project is implemented within the state programme “Creation of federal centers of nuclear medicine technologies” by order of President Vladimir Putin.