Urban and Rural Settlements of Ulyanovsk Region to Receive Development Grants

During the meeting on 10 January, Governor Sergey Morozov and local self-government authorities summed up results of the regional contest "Best urban and rural settlements".


The Governor said, “It is important for us to improve living standards for people in rural areas. For this purpose, we have created a system to assess effectiveness of municipalities' heads. Territories with the best indicators receive grants from the budget for further development according to the rating. Until recently, heads of urban and rural settlements were not part of the assessment system. Measures to stimulate effectiveness of local self-government authorities of the Ulyanovsk region have been introduced since 2020. They have introduced four annual competitions for urban and rural settlements. The Ulyanovsk region became the first territory in the country to create such a rating. Even though the contest was in the trial mode, we decided to encourage these municipal entities with grants ranging from 700 thousand to one million rubles for the development of urban settlements. The contest will continue to be a source of motivation for improvement.”

Isheevskoe, Novospasskoe, Baryshskoe, Leninskoe, Zhadovskoe and Chufarovskoe city settlements became winners of the contest. The selection will also be carried out among rural settlements starting from 2020.

The rating's indicators included the number of resident population, net migration, the number of small businesses, the new housing supply, the unemployment rate, road conditions, the number of all types of farm animals, and the percentage of citizens who do sport systematically. Since 2021, the evaluation system will include the share of well-equipped container yards.

“Rating includes both analysis of the achieved level and dynamics in the same indicators. Results of the contest will allow heads of settlement administrations to understand which aspects they should develop to receive grants from the regional budget according to results of 2020,”- said Oleg Asmus, Head of the Center for Strategic Studies of Ulyanovsk Region.

Leninskoe urban settlement was among the leaders in achieving negative migration balance. It took the third place in the number of small businesses in the settlement, has showed a significant decrease in the level of registered unemployment, and leads in the number of farm animals.

According to Yury Lubayev, Head of Administration of Leninskoe city settlement in Baryshsky District, it became possible to achieve good results in these indicators thanks to national projects approved within the Decree of President Vladimir Putin.

Yury Lubayev explained, “Through implementation of specialized programmes aimed to support farming and cooperation, the settlement has seen an increase in the number of business entities. This helped to create new jobs, to reduce unemployment and migration outflows, and to increase revenues to the budget. Due to reconstruction of the stadium in the settlement, we are planning to increase the share of citizens engaged in physical activities and sports”.