Ulyanovsk Region Successfully Implements National Programme "Digital Economy"

In his Address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin stressed the need to develop digital technologies and to improve the accessibility of high-speed Internet.


President Vladimir Putin said on 15 January, “Russia is one of the few countries in the world that has its own social networks, messengers, and other national Internet resources. I propose implementing a project "Free Internet". People will not have to pay for the network access itself, as well as for Internet traffic. High availability of the Internet should become a competitive advantage of Russia and our citizens. These are new opportunities for people to participate in the life of our country.”

In 2019, 185 socially significant facilities of the Ulyanovsk Region were connected to the high-speed Internet as part of information infrastructure development. This made 20.6% of the total planned connections. The work will be completed in 2021.

All results and indicators of regional projects within the national programme planned for 2019 have been successfully achieved. This was made possible by the project team’s coordinated actions and attraction of about 500 million rubles from the federal budget and non-budgetary funds to carry out activities of the national project in the Ulyanovsk region.

There are now significantly more possibilities for residents of the Ulyanovsk region to receive state and municipal services online. The region takes the first place in the Volga Federal District in the percentage of the population registered on the Public Services Portal; 81% of citizens can use it. The region is also second in the Volga Federal District in the quality of electronic services.

“Implementation of the Presidential Decree, which describes accelerated introduction of digital technologies in various spheres of life as the national goal, is impossible without transition to the digital public management. Within the national programme "Digital Economy", we will implement a uniform system of multifunctional centers. In particular, citizens will not send applications to the authorities, but instead will receive services either online or through the single window system of the centers called "My Documents" within the MFC 2.0 concept. Implementation of this area of the national project is specifically controlled by Governor Sergey Morozov,” - said Svetlana Openysheva, Head of the regional state public institution "Government for Citizens".

In order to ensure the safety of information about residents of the region, security systems of the Government and employment services were upgraded in 2019; relevant aspects of the regional medical information system were also assessed. The region continues transition to domestic software. Now the authorities are purchasing systems made mainly by Russian developers. Along with the increase of cybersecurity, they aim to support domestic digital economy.

In addition, the Ulyanovsk region is working to support digital projects of private companies in order to develop and introduce digital technologies into production, the social sphere and public management. Competitions are the main mechanisms for this purpose. Their winners are provided with grant funds and federal assistance. In 2019, digital projects of the Ulyanovsk region were supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology among other 16 applications for the total amount of 76.6 million rubles. Three companies using digital technologies were also recognized as regional champions within the first competitive selection of the same name.

Developer competitions carried out last year - regional hackfests "Digital Breakthrough" and "Digital Solutions" - aim to find talented specialists in the field of digital technologies. One thousand, one hundred and fifty-six state, municipal and budgetary employees from all municipalities of the region received training in 2019 to provide digital economy with personnel with necessary skills.

To prepare children for digital world, the region has started creation of centers to share the best experience in teaching informatics, mathematics and handicrafts in two schools: in Cherdakly, a work settlement, and in the supplementary education center of Ulyanovsk. 14.4 million rubles have been allocated from the federal budget for this purpose.

“Implementation of regional projects within the national programme "Digital Economy" continues this year. Together with universities, we are planning to increase the scale and quality of training for personnel with digital competences. We are also going to provide village first aid stations and other remote social facilities in districts of the region with wireless broadband access to the Internet. We will ensure that residents can use comprehensive digital services ("super services"). Another task is to open a Situation Center of the Governor and to launch digital management of the region in general,” - explained Sergey Prozorov, Deputy Minister of Digital Economy and Competition of Ulyanovsk Region.

Within the national programme "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation", the Ulyanovsk region implements the following regional projects: "Information Infrastructure", "Personnel for Digital Economy", "Information Security", "Digital Technologies" and "Digital Public Management".  You can learn more at http://expert.ulgov.com/national/economy/.