General Public to Control Implementation of Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly in Ulyanovsk Region

On 17 January, the Governor and active core of the All-Russia People's Front discussed outcomes and tasks in the sphere of social and economic development of the region in 2020.


Sergey Morozov said, “In order to implement all instructions of the Head of State, the region has established a working group, and the All-Russia People's Front will have the key role in it. The President outlined several important changes in the population policy that would affect living standards. Together with public representatives, we must determine what changes are necessary for our regional social support system. The President announced a new maternity fund programme. We are planning to develop additional support measures in the Ulyanovsk region. Another task set by the Head of State is to solve the housing problem for multiple children families. In this regard, we are going to establish a family counselling service. A special project office of the regional Ministry of Construction will address housing issues for families with children.”

The head of the region asked the All-Russia People's Front to monitor all forms of social assistance for families in the region and to submit proposals for their further development. The People's Front will also control construction of kindergartens and nurseries.

Sergey Morozov thanked social activists for their close supervision of the national projects' implementation in the region, as well as detailed analysis of citizen appeals. The results of this work will find reflection in the road map to address identified problems and will affect actions of the public authorities in 2020.

According to Svetlana Sugorova, Co-Chairman of the Regional Office of the the All-Russia People's Front, health care issues are under special control; in particular, construction and commissioning of the network of rural health posts. She also said, “In 2019, these facilities were built in Melovoy settlement and Alakaevka, Zagoskino, Dmitrievo-Pomryaskino, Edelevo and Lesnaya villages. We will also monitore construction of rural health posts in 2020. It is planned to establish three similar medical facilities within the national project "Health Care" in Kozovatovsky, Tsilninsky and Cherdaklinky districts. We will also focus on rural health posts built in Trusleika and Beloe Ozero villages, as well as the general practitioner office in Kriushi. Shortage of medical personnel and provision of citizens with necessary medical product require our utmost attention.”

To improve the quality and accessibility of health care under Vladimir Putin's tasks, the Ulyanovsk region will take measures to upgrade the primary tier of public health institutions; it will also ensure employment and decent salaries for young personnel. Regional Medical Chamber will address most issues connected with training in the field of health care.

President's Address also focused on creationg of a new remuneration system for workers in the public sector. Sergey Morozov asked the All-Russia People's Front to get involved in this sphere. In addition, the region will develop a programme to provide housing for social workers.

Participants of the meeting discussed road safety of educational organizations, the general state of roads, digitalization, and elimination of landfills. Social activists were informed about the solution related to the delivery of payment documents for municipal solid waste.

“Activists of the All-Russia People's Front in the Ulyanovsk region identified situations when employees of post offices in the districts did not deliver utility bills to the population. The regional office of the All-Russia People's Front received similar complaints from residents of Tsilninsky, Veshkaimsky and Staromainsky districts. Social activists have been monitoring this situation throughout 2019. They are particularly interested in the new line in receipts - payment for solid municipal waste management services. President and public representatives discussed implementation of the Housing and Urban Environment national project in February 2019; after it, the Russian leader recommended the All-Russia People's Front to ensure that utility bills have information about regional municipal solid waste handling providers. Residents of the Tsilninsky district started receiving relevant documents by mail when activists addressed this problem. We continue to keep this issue under control,”- reported Alexey Sitnikov, Co-Chairman of the Regional Office of the All-Russia People's Front.