President's Message to Guide Legislative Activities in Ulyanovsk Region

At the meeting with the Legislative Assembly and local self-government authorities, which took place on 17 January, Governor Sergey Morozov discussed improvement of regional legislation that is necessary for implementation of the President's instructions.


Sergey Morozov noted, “The tasks set by President Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly require a modern legal framework. Regional legislation must be changed. It will include regional initiatives designed to improve living standards and well-being of citizens. The Head of State paid great attention to support of social workers. I would like to remind you that the Ulyanovsk region was the first in Russia to promote prestige of the teaching profession at the legislative level. It is necessary to think how to enhance the educational aspect and apply corresponding changes to the regional education act.”

The head of the region highlighted the tasks related to preparation for the 75th Anniversary of Victory in 1941−1945 Great Patriotic War. The Ulyanovsk region has established a commemorative token that will be awarded to more than two thousand Ulyanovsk residents. In the Year of Remembrance and Glory, the region has introduced amendments to the regional law on the procedure for obtaining the war child status. Approximately 10.5 thousand new citizens will be able to benefit from relevant social support measures.

Valery Malyshev, Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Region's Legislative Assembly, paid particular attention to the tasks in the field of demography. He commented, “We must make some decisions to support families with children. In the first quarter of this year, we will consider a draft on the one-off payment for birth of the first child. We are also planning to change the regional law on recreation and health-improvement services for children. We must think what additional measures we should introduce to increase the birth rate and what resources will be required for this purpose.”

Members of the Parliament discussed statements made by the Head of State regarding support of small and medium-sized business initiatives and compensation provided to the regions for the loss of two thirds of their revenues due to the investment tax deduction.

“Tens of millions of rubles will return to the regional budget. Compensation will justify financial benefits that support contracts while in turn helping to create jobs in the region and adding to the tax revenues. In addition, the Head of State noted that the current state of affairs allows to use funds for development of infrastructure; roads in particular. For example, bypass roads will make it possible to free regional centers of heavy trucks. It should also improve performance of the population in terms of small business and tourism. I addressed relevant committees of the Ulyanovsk Region's Legislative Assembly and ministries of the Government to join efforts in these spheres. The faster the region starts working to complete President's instructions, the faster citizens will feel their benefits in daily life,” - commented Dmitry Grachev, Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Construction, Energy, Transport and Road Management.