Week Dedicated to Implementation of Labor Productivity and Employment Support National Project Has Started in Ulyanovsk Region

The practice of holding thematic weeks continues in the region at the initiative of Governor Sergey Morozov.


Introductory tours to Schaeffler production site will be organized for representatives of industrial enterprises in the Ulyanovsk region from 20 to 26 January. During this time, it is also planned to hold trainings, conferences and working meetings with the participation of experts from Moscow, Samara and the Republic of Tatarstan.

“We will discuss exchange of best practices, as well as practical and theoretical aspects of lean manufacturing. Not all events will be held as part of the national project; they are created for everyone,” - said Andrey Tyurin, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region.

The first event included a working meeting with potential participants of the Labor Productivity Improvement programme and Aleksey Mityushkin, leading trainer and consultant at Lin Vector. They discussed conditions necessary for successful implementation of the programme, the main stages, and desired outcome.

On 22 January, Sergey Morozov will hold a meeting of the Ulyanovsk Region Trilateral Commission on the Regulation of Social and Labor Relations. They will discuss implementation of national projects, social responsibility of the private sector, work of trilateral commissions in municipal districts in 2019, and the reform of the employment service in the region.

On the same day, the Labor Productivity Improvement conference will be organized in Tochka Kipeniya at 9.00. Sergey Kotelnikov, Director of Production System and Processes Department of Sberbank's office in the Volga Federal District,   will talk about work with personnel and kaizen solutions; Leysan Minazetdinova, Deputy Director of the Center for Labor Productivity Improvement of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy, will share experience of participant of the Leaders in Productivity programme.

The Ulyanovsk region has started early implementation of individual activities within the Labor Productivity and Employment Support national project. It was initially planned that the region would join it in 2021. Under the signed agreements, enterprises in the region now have access to the latest educational programmes.

“The national project's goal is to increase labor productivity in basic non-resource-based industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, transport, construction and housing. In order to achieve this goal, a set of actions is being developed to support enterprises in these spheres. The national project aims to achieve 5% of productivity growth on the annual basis. According to our estimates, currently this indicator in the Ulyanovsk region is 3.5-4% per year. That is why we expect that the action plan within the national project will allow to improve it,”- said Vadim Pavlov, Director General of ANO DO "Agency for Technological Development".

According to the tasks set in the national project by President Vladimir Putin, it is necessary to improve the quality and competitiveness of domestic products, to preserve jobs and production facilities, and to apply engaging leadership style (manager must be interested in improving technological processes and working conditions) by 2024.