Young Specialists from Ulyanovsk Region's Enterprises to Get Additional Support Measures

Implementation of the key tasks set by President Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly was discussed at a meeting of the Trilateral Commission on the Regulation of Social and Labor Relations. The event took place under the supervision of Governor Sergey Morozov in the Research-and-Production Association "Mars" on 22 January.


Sergey Morozov said, “I believe that all components of vocational education and training, which include re-education and retraining, additional education and secondary vocational education, should be part of the unified system for human resources management. That is why we are planning to place the system of secondary vocational education under the supervision of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Human and Labor Development. We must change the vocational training system and adjust it as much as possible to the needs of our employers. It is important not only to educate young specialists properly, but also to help them find their place at the enterprise. For this purpose, we have introduced mentoring and onboarding programmes. It is very important to create safe and the most comfortable working conditions for young workers early on. We are now working on a draft on protection and support of young professionals, which will specify certain incentives and support measures. We are going to submit it to the Legislative Assembly in spring, but we need to discuss the project with all enterprises first.”

At first, it is planned to apply the legal and regulatory act On Protection and Support of Young Professionals in Ulyanovsk Region to specialists hired by state and municipal organizations. Citizens under the age of 35 will be able to receive assistance. The document includes such measures as reimbursement of some expenses for housing rent and trips to the annual holiday place. The law will also identify additional requirements for the development of workplaces of young employees and provide adaptation programmes and internships. Young workers who have won prizes in All-Russian and international competitions of professional skills will receive payments. Unemployment insurance will become another important support measure.

“This is a big step for support of young people just entering the labor force. This is particularly relevant in 2020, the Year of Young People, which has started in the Ulyanovsk region. The Governor decided that we need to help our youth to get used to their workplaces, and I believe it is correct. Any resident can suggest measures that should be included in the law. And we will bring them to attention of trade unions, employers, and the expert community,” - said Svetlana Dronova, Head of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Human and Labor Development.

In addition, participants of the meeting discussed extra measures for support of female employees. Ekaterina Uba, First Deputy Chairman of the Government, talked about the programme for vocational training of women taking maternity leave to care for the child up to the age of three. She commented, “There is also a very important issue mentioned by the President in his Address - families' low income. One solution is to ensure that parents can get a decent job with a good salary. In particular, I am talking about women after childbirth who want to change their place of work in the future. We have been preparing mothers on child-care leave for new professions since 2009. During this time, more than 2.5 thousand people participated in this programme. The training takes place both face-to-face and remotely. The schedule is based on the capabilities and wishes of women. This year the training will continue within Demography national project developed at the initiative of the Head of State. The target figure for this year is 351 people.”

Implementation of the regional project "About the first job" will also continue this year. One hundred and fifty graduates are expected to take part in this programme in 2020. The project includes additional measures to support employers who have hired graduates without work experience. Last year, OOO "UAZ," AO "Research and Development Enterprise "Zavod Iskra", OOO "DAAZ" and Federal Research and Production Center "NPO Mars" took part in implementation of the project.

You can share your ideas for inclusion in the draft law “On Protection and Support of Young Professionals in Ulyanovsk Region” by phone ((8422) 41-72-01) or by e-mail (