Ulyanovsk Region Signs Agreement on Cooperation in Development of Supplementary Education for Children and Implementation of Success of Each Child National Project

Governor Sergey Morozov participated in the meeting of the Council of University Rectors on 30 January.


Governor Sergey Morozov said, “We must understand the whole extent of our responsibility for the tasks set by the President in his Address to the Federal Assembly. It became the most socially oriented one. Vladimir Putin paid particular education to the system of higher vocational education, as well as whether it is in line with the needs of the labor market. I am very pleased with the policy of higher education establishments in our region, which aim to bring together training and production. For example, Ulyanovsk State University (ULSU) took the 15 place in the Russian University Ranking in the percentage of graduates that decided to stay in the city where they received education - 81%. The region has all conditions necessary to create a modern labor market that can ensure professional development and good living and working conditions.”

Ulyanovsk universities actively participate in implementation of the national project "Education" within the federal project "Success of Each Child". Signing of the agreement will make supplementary education for children more effective. Activities will be carried out together with universities to ensure accessibility of science and technical education, to introduce mentoring for children, to establish centers of additional education for children at universities, and to organize summer schools for support of talented youth.

“The region has applied major changes to the system of additional education since last year. For example, we have introduced the strategy for development of this sphere until 2023, as well as implemented the system "Navigator of supplementary education for children in the Ulyanovsk region". This year, the region went through selection for grants worth more than 678 million rubles within the Education national project. It presented such projects as the technology park "Kvantorium", the House of Scientific Collaboration at the main university of the region, and three centers of digital education for children called "IT Kub",”- noted Natalia Semyonova, Minister of Education and Science of Ulyanovsk Region.

Within the event, certificates were handed to winners of the President grants for state support of young Russian scientists in 2019.

“The topic of our study was Development and Validation of Methods for Biologization of Farming and Technologies for Direct Planting of Field Crops in Forest-Steppe Zone of Volga Region. This project aims to implement three spheres: maximum use of natural resources to increase productive capacity and economic efficiency of agro-based industries; cost-effective resource allocation through minimal impact on the soil and preservation of its fertility; and digital farming. Speaking of the third sphere, it will be based on IT technologies that can save time and money. This will help to increase economic efficiency,”- said Alexander Toygildin, Associate Professor of the Department of Agriculture and Crop Production - Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technologies, Land Resources and Food Production at P.A. Stolypin Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University.