Ulyanovsk Region Implemented Nine Major Projects with Investments of Four Billion Rubles in 2019

During the thematic meeting on 29 January, Governor Sergey Morozov heard a presentation by Sergey Vasin, CEO of the Development Corporation, on the outcomes of investment projects in the region.


Implementation of nine investment projects was successfully completed in 2019; thanks to it, more than 1,700 jobs have been created for residents of the region. These include the toy plant of Polesie (Belarus), the first Vestas plant in Russia for production of blades for wind power plants, Hermle's project (Germany) to create a machine tools service center, the service center of Otkritie Bank, MARS (the USA) new line for production of chocolate bars, and others.

Sergey Vasin reported to the head of the region, “Salaries at new enterprises are from 1.5 to 2 times higher than the average rate in the region. Tax contributions of investor companies to the regional budget totaled more than 5.7 billion rubles last year, which exceeded the indicator of 2018 by 34.7%.”

Nine new investors started construction of their facilities in 2019; investments made about 3 billion rubles. The projects of three companies have already been completed. Last year, 15 agreements were also signed on implementation of new projects in the region. Investors' obligations under these agreements include funding worth more than 14 billion rubles and creation of more than 1900 jobs.

The head of the Development Corporation said, “We continue implementation of new projects. In January, we opened a modern complex of full-cycle treatment facilities that belongs to Mars. In the nearest future, in mid-February, a delegation headed by the Governor will present the Ulyanovsk region at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. During this event last year, we signed several interesting agreements. One of them was the investment project of Polesie. Currently, the company is already working in the region. This year at the forum we will hold about 15 meetings with Russian and foreign companies that are considering placing their facilities in Russia. We will sign a number of agreements on implementation of projects in the region, which will attract about 3.5 billion rubles of investments to our economy, as well as create more than 550 jobs for the residents.”

In his Investment Address for 2020, Governor Sergey Morozov pointed out how important it is to create a favorable investment climate and to attract more investments to the economy of the region.