Ulyanovsk region to Submit Proposals to Federal Council for Local Self-Government Development

At the Council meeting in Krasnogorsk, President Vladimir Putin set the task to ensure effectiveness of local self-government. First of all, this includes removing gaps and inconsistencies between regions and municipalities.


He also noted the growing role of local self-government in implementation of national projects. It is important to establish effective communication between municipalities and civil society.

A coordinating institute of state authorities and local self-government bodies - the Council of Regional and Local Authorities and Communities - has been working in the Ulyanovsk region since 2011. It addresses issues connected with the effective work of municipalities.

“The current model of the Council of Regional and Local Authorities and Communities has proved itself; it helped to build an effective system for communication between the regional and municipal governments and the non-profit sector in the Ulyanovsk region. That is why we are currently thinking of strengthening the role of this institution, including through necessary amendments to the Charter of the Ulyanovsk region. In my opinion, achievements and experience of the region in this sphere will be useful and demanded in different federal subjects of Russia,” - Governor Sergey Morozov said.

For example, in 2019, the meetings of the Council raised and addressed such topical issues as authorization for flights over the territory of the municipality, algorithms for finding solutions in problematic areas (prosecution for poor maintenance of municipal roads and violation of antimonopoly legislation), and regulation of local administrations’ activities by representative bodies.

In addition, the Ulyanovsk region has a rating for assessment of social and economic development in municipal districts. This year, a similar system will be created for rural and urban settlements.

According to Denis Sedov, Deputy of the Ulyanovsk City Duma and Executive Director of the Association "Ulyanovsk Region Municipal Council", experience of the Council in establishing a transparent system for evaluation of local self-government bodies can be used in other regions of the Russian Federation. Proposals of the Ulyanovsk region will be submitted to the Federal Council for Local Self-Government Development.

Denis Sedov explained, “The Council of Regional and Local Authorities and Communities is a platform where we discuss draft managerial solutions for the complex social and economic development of the Ulyanovsk region and municipalities. At the request of the Governor, we have started working to strengthen the Council and to establish a special Bureau as part of its structure. It will also have a coordinating function and will be integrated into the system for implementation of national projects. It is very important that all discussions will take place with participation of civil society organizations.”