Ulyanovsk State Technical University to Become Platform for Smart Campus Project

The main phases of the programme were demonstrated to Sergey Morozov on 3 February during the thematic week of the Science national project.


The project provides for development of UlSTU territory with the use of advanced technologies, as well as construction of sports and cultural facilities.

Governor Sergey Morozov noted that it was very important to open the regional thematic week with such a unique project. He said, “In the era of intensive digital and technological development, this advanced space will be an excellent place to help us keep the younger generation in its native region. It will find support among residents of all ages - from little children to elderly people. In the near future, it is necessary to discuss all details of this project and financing mechanisms.”

Nadezhda Yarushkina, acting rector of Ulyanovsk State Technical University, and experts of this educational establishment proposed to create a high-tech space that would become the center of attraction for promising youth. It will also demonstrate modern academic and technological achievements to the general public.

“While creating this project, the university's territory was divided into functional zones: scientific and technical creativity and new technologies, sports and healthy lifestyle, as well as the public space. Implementation of the project will create a brand new academic space in the region that corresponds to the modern scientific and technological development. This includes requirements within the national projects "Science" and "Education", which were initiated by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin,” - said Nadezhda Yarushkina.

The road map for the technology project includes 21 projects. Among them is a airdrome for unmanned aerial vehicles, a solar-wind power station, digital monitoring based on wearable devices and data mining, UlSTU testing ground for unmanned vehicles, and more. Vice-rectors, heads of departments and deans of UlSTU are the authors of these projects. The total cost of implementation will make about 150 million rubles.

The Center for Digital Education of Children "IT-cube" will also open at the university this September. According to Vadim Pavlov, Adviser to the Governor on Digital and Technology Development of Ulyanovsk Region, it will become an excellent platform to involve students in innovative practice-oriented activities in the field of information technologies, robotics and IT engineering.

“This project aims to promote technical professions, to increase involvement of students with IT technologies and to encourage early career counselling. The training involves implementation of joint projects with the leading federal and regional companies and enterprises of the real economy, intellectual partners, and universities. The training will include such spheres as Python programming, mobile application development, VR/AR application development, Java programming essentials, digital hygiene and work with big data, as well as basic programming skills with the use of C and similar languages”, - Vadim Pavlov emphasized.