Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation Supports Plans of Ulyanovsk Region to Develop Road Infrastructure

On 10 February, Governor Sergey Morozov met with Innokenty Alafinov, First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, and discussed development of road infrastructure in the region.


The head of the region noted, “Thanks to the positive and long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, we were able to address a lot of industry-specific problems. Thanks to the joint efforts, we transferred the Ulyanovsk-Dimitrovgrad-Samara route to federal ownership in November 2019. A decision was made to use 500 million rubles from the federal budget to start construction of the left bank crossing for the Presidential Bridge; about 542 million rubles will be allocated for construction and reconstruction of five roads. All these projects play a major role not only for the economic development of the region, but also for improvement of living standards.”

Sergey Morozov stressed the importance of the national project "Safe and High-Quality Roads". He said, “Every year the region significantly increases road mileage that complies with the regulations. Within the national project, the Ulyanovsk region put into order 114 km of routes in 2019; we are planning to repair at least 130 km in 2020. All necessary state and municipal agreements have been concluded for this purpose, and contractors are actively preparing for the season. In addition, we will do our best to improve road safety.”

Participants of the meeting also discussed construction and reconstruction of several capital-intensive facilities. In particular, routes Civilsk - Ulyanovsk - Novaya Volya and Staraya Erykla - Eryklinsky, the road along Maslova Street in Ulyanovsk, the bridge over the Borla River at Bezvodovka - Malaya Borla route, as well as reconstruction of the routes Inza - Oskino- Border of Ulyanovsk Region and Barysh - Inza -Karsun - Ureno-Karlinskoye. Other topics included transfer of a number of Ulyanovsk region's roads to federal property, renewal of the public passenger transport, and construction of the highway around Dimitrovgrad.