Training Complex for Solar Energy Generation Installed in Ulyanovsk Gymnasium № 1

The work was carried out within the Green Energy Project, which was initiated by Governor Sergey Morozov.


At the Russian Energy Week International Forum in 2019, Sergey Morozov proposed to introduce lessons about renewable energy in Russian schools. They will help to learn about the basics of energy efficiency, energy saving, and development of alternative energy sources. The head of the region instructed to design and introduce a new educational project "Green Energy Lesson" in schools of the Ulyanovsk region in 2020-2021 academic year.

Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment of the Ulyanovsk region, noted that within cooperation with Eclareon, a German consulting company, the Ulyanovsk region and the Republic of Bashkortostan have become pilot regions for implementation of the solar energy development project. Gymnasium № 1 has been selected as the first budgetary institution to have solar panels installed. Other budgetary institutions are currently reviewed to receive special solar generation equipment.

Sergey Shepelev, Deputy Director of the Corporation for Utilities Development, explained that Gymnasium № 1 has become the third educational institution in Russia where similar solar panels are installed. This equipment will be used for educational purposes and will allow students to learn about the principles of alternative energy operation. “Today is a notable day in the history of Gymnasium № 1. Today the solar panels are installed. This continues the project initiated by Governor Sergey Morozov. He presented these items and started restoration of the observatory in the gymnasium. We are also creating a new modern digital room for astrophysics, which will use the solar energy,”- said Alexey Klokov, Director of Gymnasium № 1.

Development of solar generation in the Ulyanovsk region began in 2017 when one hundred solar panels with the total capacity of 75 kW were installed on three roofs of the district hospital's buildings in Isheevka. As of today, the energy-saving complex is working and allows to reduce electricity use in this medical facility.