Children's Technopark "Kvantorium" to Open in Dimitrovgrad

On 12 February, Governor Sergey Morozov visited the technical college where the new training complex would be created. The head of the region discussed with students and young teachers accessibility of additional education.


Sergey Morozov said, “Kvantorium is a modern format of additional education; it is an absolute new type of school of thought of, as well as a unique environment that develops inventive, creative and productive way of thinking. Now we are establishing a second technopark in the region. A completely different learning space is being created for this educational complex. Dimitrovgrad will become the second city in the region where Kvantorium is to open; it will not be any worse than other educational facilities of the Volga Federal District. In addition, a project of the mobile technopark will be implemented in the Ulyanovsk region. Thanks to this development, children from rural areas will be provided with affordable innovative and additional education.”

Children's technopark "Kvantorium" is created as a functional unit of Dimitrovgrad Technical College. The educational facility will be located in the two-story building of the second site. The training will cover six spheres: Avtokvantum, Promdisainquantum, IT-quantum, Promrobokvantum, Biokvantum, Hi-Tech.

According to Natalya Semenova, Minister of Education and Science of Ulyanovsk Region, a network of children's technoparks "Kvantorium" is being created throughout the country within the federal project "Success of Each Child" of the Education national project initiated by President Vladimir Putin. The new complex will carry out training according to modern programmes of additional education in scientific and technical spheres.

“Project activities and finding solution for engineering tasks at connected sites are the main training format. With the help of mentors, pupils will develop real projects on high-tech and modern equipment, as well as learn how to work together and to apply their skills in practice,” - Natalya Semenova said.

It is also planned to hold technology lessons at the children's technoparks "Kvantorium". This project is unique because high school students will study at this facility once a week. Children will work on real engineering tasks and create their own projects with the use of high-tech equipment. Sixth and seventh grade students from three nearby schools are to take part in the pilot project. Later this practice will be extended to other educational institutions.

“No school workshop has such modern equipment that will be purchased for Kvantorium. Children will be able to design, create 3D models, learn methods for working with electric hand tools and industrial equipment, as well as create robots and control them. Curriculum will be developed for each school; some lessons will be carried out indoors, while others will take place in Kvantorium,” - said Vladimir Kologreev, headmaster of Dimitrovgrad Technical College.

Preparation of design specifications and estimates is nearing completion now. The equipment procurement list is being reviewed. It includes modern machines, construction sets, and quadcopters. Kvantorium will be officially opened on 1 September 2020.