New Cardiac Monitoring Device Installed in Ulyanovsk Regional Cardiology Clinic

On 25 February, Vladimir Gutenev (First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development, and Entrepreneurship; Vice-President of Russian Engineering Union) presented management of this facility with the hardware and software suite for cardiac monitoring.


Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant developed the device worth more than 100 thousand rubles to monitor patients with cardiovascular diseases remotely. The system helps doctors to observe dynamics of the disease and to control pharmacological therapy.

Vladimir Gutenev said, “It is with great pleasure that I present this high-tech medical equipment within the Healthy Future party project today. I understand that this will not solve all the tasks set by President Vladimir Putin to extend lives of our citizens and to improve early detection and prevention of diseases. I regard this gift more like an attempt to draw attention to the project which implementation we have just begun. And I know very well about the ambitious tasks set for the regional health care by Sergey Ivanovich Morozov, Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region. Today, the region is creating a new modern government system, which has no analogues in Russia. The project management office will make a considerable percentage of decisions.”

The project is particularly important for improvement of the public health services and for diversification of the military-industrial complex. According to the task set by the President, the share of commercial products made by the State Corporation Rostec, which mainly produces military equipment, should make 30% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Sergey Panchenko, Head of the Regional Ministry of Health, thanked Vladimir Gutenev and Anatoly Sludnykh (Director General of Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant) for the gift.

Sergey Panchenko said, “The region is carrying out systematic work to control cardiovascular diseases within the national project "Health Care". This sphere is fully implemented by providing medical institutions with new equipment, recruiting and development of vascular centers. In 2019, the mortality rate due to heart attacks decreased by 5.9% in the region; and there were by 2.9% fewer deaths because of strokes. Nevertheless, we will step up efforts in this area and will pay particular attention to the early detection of diseases. I am sure that this device will allow us to improve this work significantly. In the future, we are going to develop cooperation with Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant. For example, we will purchase several similar devices for outpatient and polyclinic facilities.”

The rehabilitation center at the cardiology clinic on Polivenskoe Shosse was established in 2013 by order of Governor Sergey Morozov within the programme of modernization of the regional health-care system.

According to doctors of the cardiology clinic, new specialized equipment (which looks like a chair) is very easy to use.

“You need just your smartphone to use it; patients do not even require any medical workers to help them. Once you start feeling worse, you should sit in the chair, type your phone number, as well as you height, weight and age. The electrocardiogram is taken using two sensors built into the chair. This data is immediately sent to the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. The patient receives a text message with their result within five minutes. This equipment allows to identify main complications after a stroke: atrial fibrillation and delirium cordis. Pathologies are immediately detected with the help of this device; this means that we will be able to change treatment and to take timely action. We are very glad that such equipment is now available in our medical institution,” - said Elena Movchan, Chief Doctor of the regional cardiology clinic.