Export from Ulyanovsk Region Exceeded One Billion US Dollars in 2019

The indicator increased by more than 300 million rubles compared to the one on 2018 and made 1 billion 97 million dollars.


Currently, 161 enterprises of the region ship products to 104 countries. The main partners include Egypt, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia.

Governor Sergey Morozov said, “Over the last five years export of good made in the Ulyanovsk region have doubled; in the last 15 years it has increase by more than 4.5 times. Thanks to the International Cooperation and Exports national project, we were able to improve support for new and active exporters today. This includes training activities that help to take the first steps and financial support such as loans, promotion of local products and assistance in participation in international exhibitions and business missions. Thanks to this, more than 30 enterprises of the region came to foreign markets in 2019.”

According to Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of Entrepreneurship Development Corporation of Ulyanovsk Region, regional manufacturers export cars and their components, radiopharmaceutical agents, furniture, processed wood products, electronic devices, fuel and other goods.

Thanks to the export hub, which was opened in Prague in 2019, Ulyanovsk enterprises have the opportunity to sell and deliver their products in the European Union. This has significantly increased their competitiveness. With the support of the hub, manufactures of the region have already participated in three international specialized exhibitions in the EU; more than one hundred B2B meetings have been held. Negotiations are under way with five representatives of European network companies regarding shipment of Ulyanovsk goods to promote them. According to the relevant agency, one of such negotiations resulted in a contract worth 1.1 million euros for supply of polyurethane foam to Latvia.

To promote goods and services of entrepreneurs from the Ulyanovsk region, there is also an electronic showcase at Albiz and Alibaba (https://ulmade.all.biz/ and https://ulmade.trustpass.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.7756200.0.0.2a641afaHybsGI).

Within the International Cooperation and Exports national project, the Ulyanovsk region implements four regional programmes: "Industrial export", "Export of services", "Export of agricultural products", and "Systemic development measures for international cooperation and export". It is planned to provide more than 956 billion rubles from the federal budget for implementation of the national project in 2019-2024. The following indicators should be achieved by 2024: the number of Ulyanovsk exporters must double; export of services by enterprises of the region must increase up to USD 280 million; and export of non-oil and gas manufactured goods must reach USD 750 million.

For all necessary information concerning support of exporters and promotion of products abroad, please contact the Export Support Center of the Entrepreneurship Development Corporation of Ulyanovsk Region: (8422) 41-06-56.