Largest Vegetable-Growing Plant of Ulyanovsk Region Opens New Logistics Centre

Governor Sergey Morozov and Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region – Minister of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development, came to the facility with a working visit on 6 March.


The head of the region emphasized, “AO "Teplichnoye" continues successfully implementing the five-year modernization programme that we have previously approved. The annual gross output has increased by 1,763 tons. We have received120 million rubles, which is more than in the previous year. This facility is designed to work with all retailers of the Russian Federation. It includes special refrigerators, as well as storage, shipping, sorting, sticking and packaging areas. The modernization has brought Ulyanovsk products to the large chain stores of the country. The company invested five million rubles into the new logistics center. I am pleased that the facility has increased its output; over the first two months of in 2020, it manufactured 156 tons more goods.”

According to the head of the regional Ministry of Agriculture, AO "Teplichnoye" is one of sixteen largest greenhouse farms in Russia. Mikhail Semyonkin noted, “The total area of greenhouses owned by the enterprise is 26.8 hectares. It employs 546 people; the average salary for 2019 made 40,411 rubles, which is by 6902 rubles higher than in the previous year. The company is successfully working on the five-year modernization programme approved by the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region. Thanks to it, the company has achieved good indicators: the output increased by 1763 tons and the revenue grew by 208 million rubles."

Governor Sergey Morozov instructed to create a working group that would develop proposals to change the form of AO "Teplichnoye". It should become a public enterprise. This means that each member of the staff will also be the owner of the enterprise.

“We are very pleased with the results achieved thanks to modernization that we have been carrying out for two years. Our products are very tasty and of high quality; they are popular not only among residents of the region. We have something to be proud of and to strive for!”- said Ekaterina Zhilina, Director General of AO "Teplichnoye".

In addition, participants discussed in detail preparation for the spring planting and spring-summer period. Currently, farms of the region have 73,138 tons of seeds. It is planned to purchase 58, 974 tons of mineral fertilizers for the spring fieldwork in 2020; farms already have 47, 248 tons. Tractors are 95% ready for operation (other agricultural equipment - 96%), which is a higher indicator than last year.

According to experts of the relevant agency, now 129.8 thousand hectares (42.6% of the cultivated area) have winter crops in a good condition, and 176.3 thousand hectares (57.4%) - in a satisfactory one.

In order to maintain a stable price situation on the market, vegetables will widely available on the market during spring fairs, which are to start on 14 March.

Governor's agricultural fairs are one of the measures implemented in the Ulyanovsk region within the national project "SMEs and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative" developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation to achieve goals set by President Vladimir Putin in the Decree of May 2018.