Competence Center for Renewable Energy Development Established in Ulyanovsk Region by Order of Sergey Morozov

The region continues developing the industrial cluster of renewable energy sources.


“Development of the renewable energy sector is a priority for us. At International Wind Energy Forum RAWI 2020, which was held in February, Ulyanovsk region became the first in the rating on involvement of subjects in development of wind-power engineering. This confirmed that our region is the leader in this industry. The Wind Energy Competence Center Competence aims to bring together all spheres: training of personnel, production of components, implementation of projects and participation of the region in federal programmes,” - the Governor noted.

The Center must develop and introduce new technologies in the field of renewable energy source, localize production of components and materials of this industry in the region, increase the share of renewable energy sources in the production balance, attract investments and create new jobs in the Ulyanovsk region.

The region is currently selecting investment projects for construction of power plants that will use renewable energy technologies for manufacturing. The winning project will be included in the scheme and programme for long-term development of the electric power industry in the Ulyanovsk region for 2021-2025. They will determine key spheres of the power sector in the region for the next five years. The document, which includes investment projects and activities of investment programmes of regional resource supplying companies, will be developed and approved by the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region before 1 May.

As explained by Evgeny Petrov, Head of the Competence Center, competitive admissions are carried out for the future construction of power plants with the total capacity of up to 24.5 MW with the use of renewable energy sources such as wind, sun, water (small hydropower) or biogas. The Commission will choose the most profitable investment projects for the region with locally made power plant components in Russia. Results of the contest will be announced at the end of March. Several companies engaged in construction of power plants with the use of green technologies have already indicated their desire to participate in the competition.

By order of the Governor, the Ulyanovsk region continues development of the industrial cluster of renewable energy sources. It will bring together scientific, educational and production activities including manufacturing of components for wind and solar power equipment and other types of green energy generating facilities. “These comprehensive measures will attract new investors, create new high-paid jobs, and provide additional tax revenues to the budget of the region,” - said Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment of the Ulyanovsk region.