Ulyanovsk Region Plans to Create Interregional Health Competence Center

On 11 March, the project was presented to Governor Sergey Morozov at the Ulyanovsk Medical College where this center will be located.


During the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council and the Council for Science and Education, President Vladimir Putin set the task to enhance the role of regions in training of specialists. In addition, modernization of the educational system should ensure that students and graduates of specialized educational establishments and universities have the opportunity to explore their potential to the maximum first academically and then at work.

The head of the region said, “We are doing our best to ensure that Ulyanovsk region ranked high in training of highly qualified personnel. Currently, I am deeply convinced that we should be among the first to start upgrading the education system. We must make our regional educational facilities not just competitive but also the best in the whole country. The Ulyanovsk Medical College will once again provide a tremendous boost to the development of vocational education in our region. Opening of the Interregional Health Competence Center at this institution will become our main tool. This unique Center will bring together all regional material and human resources to improve practice-oriented training of highly competitive medical specialists in accordance with international standards.”

The center will be work in six areas of competence. It will create conditions for continuous training and improvement of skills, combine resources of the state and the health care sphere to develop continuous medical education, and supervise the quality of training for the health care industry. In addition, it is planned to develop human resources of the regional system of secondary vocational education. Another area of competence involves design, introduction and maintenance of the new school medicine model. The project will be implemented before 2022.

According to Natalia Semyonova, Minister of Education and Science of Ulyanovsk Region, the competence center will not only bring the quality of regional vocational education to the entirely new level, but also make a significant contribution to the work towards targets set by Education and Healthcare national project for training of highly qualified personnel.

Natalia Semyonova said, “We already have good experience in creating similar modern educational facilities. There is an Interregional Transport and Logistics Competence Center in the Ulyanovsk Aviation College. Students improve their skills there and win awards in the “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) national competition. Every year the Interregional Transport and Logistics Competence Center carries out more than 3000 trainings from the regional to the national level. In addition, this organization cooperates with enterprises from our region and other subject of the Russian Federation to improve skills and vocational education within the center's competence. About 50 employees of enterprises improve their skills every year.”

The center is to be organized at the premises of the Ulyanovsk Medical College. It will include two functional units: training grounds and a simulation and accreditation center. The Interregional Competence Center will work in line with the new trends and introduction of new professions.

So far, the facility has upgraded university laboratories and established a training center for the WorldSkills Health and Social Care competence, as well as a mobile center for primary accreditation of specialists.

“The laboratory uses the latest and more complex equipment. Compared to older medical simulation dummies, new ones come with a tablet. It shows the patient's current condition, which is very convenient. Students train to work in various situations such as cardiac and respiratory arrest. This experience is very important for the hands-on skills training,”- said Darya Tkachuk, a teacher of module-based training at Ulyanovsk Medical College.