Sergey Morozov Signed Decree on Introduction of High Alert Regime

The document describes a list of measures to prevent the new coronavirus disease (2019-nCoV) from spreading in the region.


The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region personally takes personal control over the emergency response center, which has switched to the round-the-clock work schedule until further notice.

The head of the region instructed to create a working group to control all kinds of transport used to come to the region - the main task is to stop the virus from spreading. Andrey Turin, First Deputy Chairman of the Government, will coordinate work of the groups.

Another group must organize work of regional medical institutions to examine and if necessary, treat people who will have signs of the coronavirus disease. The third group will develop measures to prevent negative impact on the region's economy because several Ulyanovsk enterprises have economic relations with countries with adverse epidemiological situation in terms of coronavirus. The fourth group is to raise awareness among the population.

The head of the region instructed the center to decide whether the region should hold any mass events in the nearest future and to develop preventive services for older people. It should also work on the plan of disinfection activities for all types of public transport and buildings and waste water.

In addition, the Governor held a commission on emergency situations in the region. It was decided to allocate 30 million rubles to improve infrastructure of public health services and activities connected with preventive measures and possible treatment of coronavirus.

The document will be made public on 13 March and then come into force.