Ulyanovsk Region Plans to Build and Put Into Operation Additional Renewable-Energy Power Plants by 2025

Outcome of the work on development of the Renewable Energy Sources cluster in the region and prospects for this energy sector were discussed at the final panel meeting of the specialized Ministry on 13 March.


Dmitry Smolin, Deputy Director General of OOO "Vestas Manufacturing Rus", during a conference call noted that the Ulyanovsk region is a very important place for cooperation. He stressed, “This region was the first to build a wind farm in the Russian Federation. It is the only region in the Russian Federation with a factory that manufactures blades for wind farms. In our opinion, such a renewable energy system was created thanks to Governor Sergey Morozov, the regional Government and the specialized Ministry of Energy. Currently, the renewable energy sources are used according through the incentive programme, which runs until 2024. The first two wind farms have been built in Ulyanovsk within its framework; the programme proves its effectiveness in the region.”

There are two industrial wind farms in the Ulyanovsk region that have 28 wind power plants with the total capacity of 85 MW. According to Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment, the region is gradually increasing the volume of electricity generated through renewable energy sources (RES). In 2019, Ulyanovsk wind power plant-1 and the Ulyanovsk wind power plant-2 provided 206.7 million kWh. Two wind farms accounted for approximately 8% of all green electrical energy in the region.

The competitive selection among investment projects on construction of renewable-energy power plants is nearly over in the Ulyanovsk region. According to Evgeny Petrov, Head of the Competence Center for Renewable Energy Development, the competition is held for construction of power plants with the capacity of up to 24.5 MW that will use renewable energy sources. The winners will be announced at the end of March.

Educational programmes are another important area for promotion of innovative projects in the field of energy efficiency and microgeneration. The pilot project Enabling PV (potential of solar energy in the Russian Federation) is implemented at the gymnasium No. 1 in Ulyanovsk together with Eclareon (Germany) and with the support of the Germany's Ministry of Energy. It introduced a comprehensive educational programme of green lessons for schoolchildren.

The project "Green Energy", which was implemented at the district hospital in Isheevka, is one of great examples in the field of energy-efficient solutions with the use of renewable energy sources. It has solar panels with the total capacity of 75 kWh and solar generators with the capacity of 1500 l/day; this helps to save up to 1 million rubles per year.